Michelle Yeoh honored at Asian Film Awards 2013

Michelle Yeoh, an international-acclaimed star is a Hong Kong based Malaysian actress if you don’t know anything about her. She is best known for performing her own stunts in Hong Kong action films that brought her to fame in early 1990s. She is also famous especially in Western world for her roles in 1997 James Bond film, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ as Bond female sidekick and lover, Wai Lin and also in multiple Academy Award-winning Chinese language martial arts film ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ for which she was nominated in BAFTA at 2000 for best actress.

At the recent annual Asian Film Awards held at Hong Kong, Michelle Yeoh is awarded with Excellence in Asian Cinema Trophy, which is the most prestigious recognition presented on that particular night. The award is presented to honour Michelle Yeoh’s immense contribution to the Asian cinema for over two decades and also bringing Asian cinema to world class stage. In her acceptance speech, she mentioned that she waited for this award for so long and that she was happy to receive this award at Hong Kong, the place where her career started while also mentioning her birth country, Malaysia. She is from Ipoh, Malaysia. She is now 50 years old but still looks very outstanding. This award doesn’t means that she needs to retire, but as an indication that there would be more filming opportunities for this highly talented star.


(Image source: http://media.kansascity.com/smedia/2013/03/18/21/20/525-xqMIk.St.55.jpeg)

Sammo Hung presented the trophy along with few others to Michelle Yeoh. The Chinese melodrama ‘Mystery’ was named best film at the event, which also saw two stars from the Philippines taking home the main acting prizes. Nora Aunor, 59, was named best actress for Thy Womb, while 87-year-old Eddie Garcia was named best actor for Bwakaw. Best director goes to Takeshi Kitano for ‘Outrage Beyond’. The AFA Presentation Ceremony takes place as part of the Entertainment Expo Hong Kong Opening Gala. Eminent filmmakers and superstars from around the world are invited to bestow awards upon the winner(s) of each category, making the ceremony a dazzling extravaganza as well as an influential cultural event.

Let’s move back our highlight on Michelle Yeoh. She is the only Malaysian actress with a star at the Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars, as well as the only Malaysian to reach such a great height in film industry on international scale. Her notable films are ‘Police Story 3: Supercop’, ‘The Heroic Trio’, ‘Tai Chi Master’, ‘Wing Chun’, ‘The Soong Sisters’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘Moonlight Express’, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’, ‘Reign of Assassins’, ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’, and ‘The Lady’. Overall, she had starred in over 35 films to date. She is a former Miss Malaysia beauty pageant and is the only Asian actress to be listed as one of the all-time screen beauties by People’s Magazine. Last but not least, a big congratulation to Michelle Yeoh for taking this award and making Malaysia proud once again!

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