March is almost coming to an end, when is the GE13?

It’s almost the end of the month and yet our Prime Minister has not call for the 13th general election. The previous general election was on 8th March 2008. It’s over than five years now, but still the date to when the next GE would be held remains a question. The parliament would be officially dissolved by end of next month. That means the 13th General Election would be held in April no matter Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak like it or not. He appears to be delaying it time by time, due to constant worry that his federal government would lose which would be the first time in history since independence of the nation.

To keep it up and gain more support from the people, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had a very busy schedule particularly from this year onwards, when his fate would be determined. He went on attending many functions to get close to the people, handing out aids, and even to a point that he invited the famous Korean superstar, Psy to perform during his Chinese New Year open house at Penang last month. That’s a very obvious move to gain more votes from younger generation. But still, it appears that in that particular function, the crowd are more interested in only watching Psy’s Gangnam Style performance rather than listening to his crap. Other ministers from his parties were also receiving bad remark from crowds in every states, indicating that their future to maintain their government is almost gone.

Now, it is reported that Datuk Seri Najib’s last campaign would be on this weekend (tomorrow). The big-scale function would be held in Kuantan, a city involved in many hot issues recently like the Lynas operation and serious flood. I believe the prime minister is attempting to guarantee the people over there on some sort of things again so that they would put their confidence in him. Silly move. But Datuk Seri Najib would not go to Kuantan empty handed. This time, he invited Hong Kong superstar, Jackie Chan to attend the event too. Why do you always invite some not-related international stars to attend your political-based event? There is no point you attracting people through this kind of method. In the end, you get nothing too (to be honest). First, Psy. Now, Jackie Chan. Yes, we like to see them here, but not under your function, please.



(Image above showing Psy and Jackie posing for a picture together. Psy came to Malaysia last month, while Jackie would come to Malaysia tomorrow. Image source:

There would be a huge dinner fiesta accompanied with performances and fireworks display to close our Prime Minister’s difficult campaign. He is the only Prime Minister that put so much effort at time before general election. He is seriously scared and worried of losing. I bet he couldn’t sleep well lately. Ahh…it is also reported that his schedule is empty on next Monday, which might give a clue that he is going to seek the consent of Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to dissolve the parliament, which he would then announce the date of the 13th general election. It’s going to be held very soon. He can’t escape from it anymore. Face the truth, deal with the change. Now, I’m kind off checking out the national news every morning to see whether the GE13’s date had been announced or not.


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