Top 10 Best Cities for Modern Architecture

Today, I found an article entitled ‘Top 10 Best Cities for Modern Architecture’ from a website that caught my attention. The article shared out the best ten cities in modern architecture according to the author. The author is unknown for that particular article which was published last year under ‘Vacation Homes’ website. I find it quite interesting to read and so I wish to share it (the link) in my blog here too. Eventhough I am not fully agreeable to that list, but the author also did have his or her fair opinion or analysis. Here is the article :

If I am to add three more cities into the list, I would pick Singapore, Guangzhou and Beijing (All from Asia). Notable structures in Singapore that would help to push the city into the list would be the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Reflections at Keppel Bay, The Pinnacle, etc. While for Guangzhou, the city had been undergoing tremendous transformation due to the impact from Asian Games 2010 with addition of impressive structures like Canton Tower, Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Museum, Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou International Finance Centre, etc. Similar case applied to Beijing, the capital of China (from Beijing 2008 Olympic Games) with construction of many outstanding buildings like Beijing National Stadium, CCTV Headquarters, National Performing Arts Center, etc. These cities should be having a lot of inspiring contemporary architecture to be able to get into this particular list. What’s your other pick?

My capital, Kuala Lumpur would not make it to the list, or even near to it. Expected. There are not much distinguished architecture masterpiece you can see in Malaysia. But still as a consolation prize, Kuala Lumpur had been home to several astonishing designs like Petronas Twin Towers, Troika Tower, and several others less famous. In heritage architecture categories, many historical buildings in KL had been demolished. Perhaps, most now can still be found at Penang and Malacca, but those are not really that great-looking.


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