It’s a month after my Europe trip already…

I can’t believe that my recent trip to Europe was a month ago. I always had an impression that the trip was only over last week or two. Time flies. We have celebrated Chinese New Year over a month ago too. Now, when I recall some of the moments I had during the trip, I am overwhelmed with mixed feeling; feeling happy over those very relaxing and enjoyable days in the trip, and also feeling sad now for like there isn’t that kind of holiday-life anymore this time around.

Yup. Picture is a good tool to bring us back to memories we had during the trip. I took few hundred of photographs so that most part of the trip would be covered in them. Well, I remembered uploading them to my Facebook account also took quite a few hours. It’s a very special feeling of looking back to those pictures now, knowing that those things are over a month ago. So, you see, treasure every moment you have. Time doesn’t comes back. There is no pause or rewind button to time. Now, I’m giving myself a bit of peaceful time to recall where I have been to and what I have seen in the central Europe trip I had last month. Yup…a month ago, today was the day I returned to Malaysia.

Last month, it is not weird that Europe was still in winter. And I had the chance to see snow during my trip. However, the winter season should have gone for now, allowing the spring season to come. However, I heard of news that there were serious snow storms all over the Europe at this time which is quite unbelievable. The weather should have turn warmer, but it didn’t. It even get worst (colder) last week. Weird. The world’s climate is seriously changing. Luckily, my trip was not on last week. If not, we would have stucked in troublesome traffic congestion and even had our flights cancelled due to the terrible effects of the storms.

So, in my previous oversea trip, I have visited Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and United Kingdom. Six countries in 10 days and 8 nights. That’s the longest trip I ever had. What’s next? I think I would most probably going to Cambodia by August during Hari Raya break (I have been to Cambodia before few years ago). That place is cool with Angkor Wat particularly, and it’s quite cheap to go there. So, it’s reasonable to my dad’s budget. Then, for next year’s Chinese New Year, we won’t be going to Europe anymore. Instead, I think higher chance that we would be flying off to Egypt or China. Right now, I pick Egypt, but my dad is in favour of China. For China, he would go to places not many people knew and where there isn’t any really amazing things or landmarks to see. But if it is Egypt, then we would be seeing the Great Pyramid of Giza, not to mention many other astonishing temples! Let’s see. There is plenty of time now for us to decide the plan next year since our Europe trip just concluded a month ago.



I purposely displayed this image above of mine that overlooks to the top of Eiffel Tower from the outdoor observatory platform at second level of the tower to describe my current feeling thinking of the trip that concluded a month ago. We spent quite a short time up there and it’s pouring. And we went outdoor to take as much pictures as possible that time without really enjoying the surrounding panoramic views. Then, the time is rushing and we have to leave to other place very soon. So, it’s quite ‘wasted’ being up there at that time. So, I’m displaying that image here to remind me to truly enjoy any great moments in future once we are given the opportunity for it.


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