Only few hours at Genting costs me over 400 bucks…

Now you should most probably figure out where my RM400++ gone to within that several hours only at Genting Highlands today. I have ‘donated’ that amount to Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay for further developing the resorts at the peak. Ahh..that’s a positive thinking to get rid of my sad feeling now of losing that amount of money in casino. Yes, I lost that in casino. Never in my life I have lost that much amount of money, eventhough that figure seems to be very little for all the gamblers in the casino.

Today’s visit to Genting (I have long not visited Genting Highlands already) and its casino in the First World Plaza is officially my first legal entry to the casino since I have only passed 21 years of age few months ago. Yeah…only people of 21 years old and above are allowed to enter. But then, I have actually entered casino for several times already without being found out. I should be actually only accompanying my eldest sister and her two babies to play at the indoor theme park. However, my second sister asked me to join her in the casino, and that urge in myself to check it out had turned out to be a bad choice. But staying outside would be very boring, right?…

In the end, within a short period of time, I have lost RM400+, while my second sister won RM400. And my brother-in-law won almost RM3000! That’s more than my salary for a month! Luck is on their side, but not on mine. It appears true that people born in year of goat would be having bad luck most of the time on this year of snake as being forecast. For the remaining time, I just go on observing the others playing since I have no more cash in hand already. Have to stop after knowing that my luck is not there. Then, while I see other people playing, I always get jealous on how easy they can win, in hundreds and thousands. Huh…their modal is huge, and their return is big too. Good to them. I don’t have that kind of wealth and courage to bet with such huge amount of money that I earned it so hard. But that is good. We won’t lose much. But then, for me, losing RM400+ just now is a lot already.

Still feeling quite sad and tired, especially when you lose money. I can have a month of lunch and dinner with that amount of money. I can buy a lot of clothes with 400 bucks. Will try my luck next time and to see whether it is really true that people born in year of goat would be seriously bad in gambling this year. Anyway, gambling is still not a good activity, but if it’s in little amount and only for entertainment purpose, then it’s alright. I’m here to stress that I’m not recommending or encouraging anyone to gamble. I’m just saying out what I have been through today. Now, I’m back to my home feeling a bit sad and very tired. Ahh, tomorrow is Monday. Another long week ahead…


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