Had early Qing Ming this year

Qing Ming Festival for this year has not arrived yet, but we have had already paid visit to grave of our ancestors yesterday. How come? The Qing Ming Festival is somewhere in early April. We have to do our Qing Ming visit earlier due to a reason. My grandmother passed away not long ago last year. Hence, for this year’s Qing Ming, we had to pay visit to grave of her (the first time we do Qing Ming for her) and my late grandfather together much earlier according to Chinese traditional belief. Time flies. My grandma had left us more than six months already.

So, all think that this time, it’s going to be fast going to the Nirvana Memorial Park and do all those usual rituals of burning spirit money, joss sticks and paper replicas of things to be presented to the deceased for use in afterlife. There would be no traffic congestion, since all the other Chinese would only start to visit graves the earliest end of this month. But then our trip yesterday also took us half of the day, using approximately six hours. What takes us so long?

We go by 11.00am. My uncle brought us, and we had brunch first since all of us have not eaten anything yet in the morning. Then, we took the usual road to go to the Nirvana Memorial Park at Semenyih through Ampang and Hulu Langat. When we almost reached the memorial park, there are several road signs telling us that the road is not open for traffic. What the heck? What happened? We are almost there after over 40 minutes of driving. So, we drive pass the sign to check out what’s ahead and with strong feeling to insist on using this particular road. Ohh…part of the road collapsed down several floors high to the lake besides due to a landslide ahead of us. Ehh…yea, yea…yea…I remembered! This happened several months ago and was on news last time. The road to Semenyih from Hulu Langat collapsed with two cars severely damaged. Luckily, there was no one killed. How come we all forgot about it?


We stopped by there to take a careful look of that part of the road collapse which is very horrible. It’s like a scene after an earthquake. The debris of a car is still visible down there. No one clean it up. And then, the road is closed until now and there is no plan to reinforce the ground and rebuild the road. Or perhaps a bridge instead? No…after many months, what they do was just to shut the road down. It’s a waste. The road had been there for such a long time. Access to Semenyih from Ampang (my home) which is quite near is totally cut off. And so we had to use the only other road to reach the memorial park, and it’s from the other side. That took us a big round to the other side. Another one hour gone.

It’s a sunny day and it’s so hot! But once we finished all the rituals, the sky turned to dark and wind comes. What the…We had a late lunch nearby since it’s already almost 4pm. And finally, we got back to home by almost 5pm. And it’s raining cats and dogs. Luckily, the rain didn’t comes at the time when we are visiting my grandparents’ grave. Yes, this year’s Qing Ming is done for us. Next year onwards, we have to join back the crowd for the Qing Ming festival. The memorial park is very huge. Many people visit the park during Qing Ming every year. Now, there is only a single road leading to the place (last time, there was two). I couldn’t imagine the very much expected traffic congestion at its worst later on.


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