Chong Wei lost to Chen Long in All England 2013

This is disappointing. World’s number one men single badminton player, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei lost to Chen Long from China in the men single final of All England 2013 championship yesterday. It was such a bad outcome which is hard to be accepted by all Malaysians. Sorry Chong Wei for putting a pressure on you, but it’s in fact true that I find your performance is weaker recently. Usually, when there is Chong Wei in a men single final match of any tournaments several years ago, I would definitely going to watch it. There is this excitement and my strong confidence to him that he is going to win it and made Malaysia proud again.

But that was the thing of the past. Ever since he lost to Lin Dan on Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, he said that his last Olympic outing would be the London 2012. In London 2012, he lost it again to Lin Dan, settling down to silver medal once more. And then, he forced himself that perhaps he can participate on the next Olympics too, Rio 2016. With his age, it’s very challenging and hard for him to perform at his best as seen in his previous years of glory. He had won a lot of tournaments, but it appears that he had not much of luck in major badminton tournaments like Olympics or World Championship. All England (world’s oldest badminton tournament) was one of the major championship he is looking forward to every year, and he had won it twice if I have not mistaken.



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However, this year, he failed to win it. He lost to Chen Long, a younger player from China whom now possesses a great risk to Chong Wei in future tournaments. In their previous meetings, Chong Wei won most of them, and his latest defeat to him is a proof that his performance is declining slowly. It’s a fact. I can see obviously the comparison between his strength on courts in recent years than in several years ago. His performance is dropping ever since he gets married last year. Now, I don’t have much excitement or high interest to watch his match anymore. I think wedding really affects a player’s quality. See Taufik Hidayat as an example. He had been the Olympic champion in 2004. Not long after, he got married. And then, his performance dropped tragically. For Lin Dan whom got married last year too, there is an exception for him. He had won all major tournaments before (winning twice Olympics too) and he seriously can get a break off. But that is not the case for the patriotic Chong Wei. He had done so much for Malaysia, and he had not give Malaysia a single gold medal yet from the Olympics. This is why he is forcing himself eventhough he is now over 30 years old. Pity him.

I guess luck is not on your side in major tournaments. But your hard work would be seriously appreciated by all of us. We saw it. We felt it. Wait…I was supposed to be disappointed by his recent defeat to Chen Long in All England final. How come now, I was praising Chong Wei, getting out of topic already. So, you see. All Malaysians love you, Chong Wei. You did your best. Don’t force yourself. Age is an important criteria in badminton. You have had made Malaysia proud many times already. Just try your best in future tournaments. You still have very good records this year. Keep it up, Lee Chong Wei! Perhaps, you could really give a strong performance soon!


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