Happy International Women’s Day!

I was reminded this morning from the radio station that today is the International Women’s Day. Basically, it’s a day celebrated annually to show respect, appreciation and love towards women. It’s also a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements, acknowledging and highlighting women’s contribution to every aspects. Instead, the deejay commented that on this morning, some called in to voice out praise to men instead of to women, which goes out of topic. Hilarious. But still, today, most people called in to show their admiration or love to their mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, or girlfriend.

Happy International Women’s Day to all women! Say ‘no’ to violence or discrimination against women. Instead, women nowadays are much more ‘powerful’. I as a man, have to say that women are no where to be forgotten, and that their existence is essential to the continuity and development of our life and the world. It’s unlike in those days when the men go out to get educated, trained and to work while women has to stay at home with no essential contribution to countries. Now, equality is emphasized and women are now trained or educated well just like men. Women now have rights just like men. Some of them have had even hold high status either in politics or economics.

I would like to take this opportunity to list down several notable Malaysian women that I admire (exception of my family members) and should be honored. They are of course highly popular and had contributed significantly to bring Malaysia to international glory. Here they are:

1. Michelle Yeoh – I think she is first in my mind. A very famous international actress known for performing her own stunts whom ventured into Hong Kong film industry successfully. She was also the Bond girl in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ which received critical acclaim for her great performance in Hollywood screen. She was the first and only Malaysian to be nominated in BAFTA for Best Actress, and also the first and only Malaysian to have had her star at Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars. Charming, talented and beautiful.


2. Siti Nurhaliza – Perhaps, she is the most famous Malaysian singer known well abroad too. Her voice and songs are beautiful and amazing. Considerably known as one of the divas of Asia, Siti’s status is unchallengeable. She is Malaysia’s very lovely local icon.


3. Nicol David – Too bad that squash is not a sport included in Olympics. If not, Malaysia would have had won gold medal long time ago. Nicol David is like the master of squash which she had won many of the tournaments she participated. She is no doubt the best Malaysian sportswoman of our generation.


4. Fish Leong – She is a Malaysian Chinese singer that is now based in Taiwan (due to greater success to achieve there). Her singing career expanded successfully to Chinese-speaking nations; Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She is best known for love songs (most of her songs are karaoke hit) and she is often called as the Queen of Love Songs.


Who else you can suggest that could be the most admiring or successful Malaysian women besides than the few I mentioned above? They are usually of celebrities whom made their name known globally too. A big thank you to them as they no doubt contributed significantly that makes Malaysia proud eventhough most of them are now not based in Malaysia anymore (due to several obvious reasons…it’s hard to get famous internationally here as there is not much exposure you can get over here locally). Anyway, Happy International Women’s Day to all women again! Have a great day! But do you know that there is International Men’s Day too? Haha..I believe not many people knew that. It’s celebrated on 19th November every year.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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