5 years after 308 already…

Today is 8th March 2013. Exactly five years ago on this day, Malaysia held its 12th general election. And that particular general election brought in political tsunami as the opposition had successfully won a lot of seats, causing the government to lose their usual two-third majority and few states. From then on, our former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi retired and pass the leadership to the current Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. New cabinet is also formed,while the much stronger opposition formed their own coalition called People Alliances.

Starting from then, Datuk Seri Najib had planned for so many stuff to regain the confidence of Malaysians by firstly introducing the highly popular ‘One Malaysia’ theme, then working for schemes on assisting Malaysians with book vouchers, RM500 cash, cuts on taxes, rebates, etc. He also called for the construction of MRT, Tun Razak Exchange, and many other development projects. He also invited the famous Psy to perform in Chinese New Year open house early this year to win more votes particularly from youngsters. Conclusion; he tried very hard. But in the end, are Malaysians that shallow-minded to be tricked by their ‘sweets’? What we wanted is a long-term benefit to the society and the country, and not all these silly little things that they provides. It’s like treating us as beggars.

I believe change would be very much possible by now. Malaysians are now much more well-educated and knew how to differentiate between good or bad. We should at least give the opposition a chance to prove that what they have promised earlier to be called in action. If not, they wouldn’t have that opportunity. If they didn’t do well, we can bring them down in the next election. People should not be afraid by its government. Instead, the government should be afraid of the people. Time for change, seriously. We had wasted more than 55 years to a coalition that makes Malaysia much corrupted and slower in pace of development as compared to other countries like Singapore and South Korea. We should now think logically and at least give 5 years for other people to do the work correctly.

But then, how come the 13th general election is still not called upon? The five-year term of the government officially expires on this exact day. It can be considered that from this day on, Malaysia came with no government. The government is no longer valid or legal since their five years ended. It’s seriously time for the next general election to be called already. Our prime minister is delaying it so much since he worried this time he would fails. Now came the war in Lahad Datu. I think the general election would be further delayed to wait until that Sulu matters to be resolved first. Then, if this is the case, then they don’t play fair so obviously. Five years after 308 and all they do is to give ‘sweets’, ‘eat’ more and to figure out the bad things that the opposition did every day. Dumb. Face the truth. Your five years ended. Wake up and deal with it. If you can really do things, then we will bring you back to power. Show to us the real strength on developing a country.


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