JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, the world’s new tallest hotel building.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai opened at the end of February this year as the world’s new tallest hotel building. It overtakes Rose Tower which is also located in Dubai by 22 metres as the world’s tallest building solely functioning as hotel. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is a twin-tower skyscrapers that reach the height of 355 metres with with respective 77 floors of hotel rooms. It offers over 1600 rooms, up for demand to increasing number of tourists to the jewel city in the desert; Dubai.


However, the true leader in sky-high accommodations remains the Ritz Carlton Hotel inside the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, China. All the rooms in this world’s highest hotel (not tallest hotel building) are located on floors in three-digit numbers (that’s mean at least 100th floor and above).  To be exact, the Ritz Carlton occupies 102th to 118th floor of the International Commerce Centre that stands at 484 metres. This allows for overwhelming panoramic view over the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong from well above 400 metres. I would love to stay in this hotel since I love to view the picturesque city of Hong Kong from such an incredible height. But it must be very expensive for a night stay.


In fact, now, there are many hotels that each occupies several number of top most floors of a skyscrapers which offers beautiful views of its surrounding. And most of these hotels are located in Asia (top ten of the list are all in Asia). The other hotels that are with rooms of at least 400 metres above the ground are the Park Hyatt in the Shanghai World Financial Center (79th to 93rd floor), St. Regis in KK100 Tower at Shenzhen (75th to 100th floor), and Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou International Finance Center (68th to 103rd floor). And all of that hotels are in China alone (in major cities of the country that offers outstanding panorama views). Fantastic.

Nevertheless, JW Marquis Dubai should not be left off. It is the current world’s tallest hotel building. That means its whole building of 77 floors are for hotel purpose unlike those hotels I mentioned earlier that each only occupies several floors of a particular skyscraper. None of the rooms in JW Marquis Dubai are located above 400 metres but it’s height is sufficient to provide excellent view to the surrounding, including the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. While usually hotel rooms in a building would occupies the top most floors, but that is not the case for Makkah Royal Clock Hotel Tower where the hotel occupies 22nd to 60th floor only. See below the list of the world’s highest hotels by Emporis. (click on the table to view the larger version)

emporis hotel highest list

(Major information in this post are from http://www.emporis.com. Images are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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