March, march, march…

Let’s march to the month of March! It’s now unbelievably the third month of the year which I felt have only just started. New year mood is fully gone, and the Chinese New Year festival ended too. March is the month that we all fully contribute our life to work, work and work! Wait, let’s not make it so tension like this. But I find that March is going to be a long month when stress would comes! Why? There isn’t a single public holiday that falls in this month (and also not in April, aahhh!!). And so we have to work five days a week beginning now after over ten weeks of enjoying at least a day of break during weekdays in every week previously.

February had been a great month for me always. It’s the month of Chinese New Year, and I had those happy days over in Europe having vacation with my family. That’s an awesome experience of being able to visit six European countries in a row within a single 10 days 8 nights trip eventhough we have only visited very little places in each countries along the way. That doesn’t matter most to me. What matters to me is the precious and enjoyable time I had out of Malaysia with my family without thinking of work or hassle back in my country. It’s like I’m free of everything and at the same time, able to visit several interesting places in Europe during winter.

It’s already over 2 weeks since I came back to Malaysia from that trip. So fast. But it’s an amazing and lovely trip! I always think that the trip have had only concluded yesterday. Can I rewind the time back? For the blog’s header of this month, I would merged six images of mine, each representing a place that refers to the countries I have visited during the trip I mentioned in order. This would then helps to bring back those joyful memories I had in Europe last month to me on this March 2013 whenever I checked upon my blog. The header would also tells the others that those are some of the beautiful places I had been to last month. Here’s a copy of the blog’s header below: (click on it for larger version) ( From left: Chapel Bridge at Lucerne, Switzerland , Cologne Cathedral at Cologne, Germany , Holland windmill at Amsterdam, Netherlands , Manneken Pis at Brussels, Belgium , Eiffel Tower at Paris, France , Big Ben at London, United Kingdom )

March 2013 blog header

Face the truth. No more new year mood. No more holiday mood. It’s March now already. I think I have to warn myself of this every single time in the month. What’s big going to happen in this month that would at least provides me with little excitement? Malaysia’s general election? Probably, but when is it going to be held? Deadline is very fast approaching already for the five year term to end. Our Prime Minister is too worried of his government losing and so he delays it until the very last day to call for election. You also have to face the truth. And we are all ready to face the change. March is for that! For Malaysia to see a change! Correct?



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