Movie review: Hotel Deluxe (2013)

Today is a day of rest for me after I had just landed in KL from London yesterday’s night. Overall, my Chinese New Year break is over, but luckily, I took a day leave today for me to enjoy another day before turning my working mode on beginning tomorrow. So, I should watch a Chinese New Year movie today, and my first choice is ‘Hotel Deluxe’. We usually paid attention to Hong Kong CNY films, rather than Malaysia’s ‘Once Upon A Time’.


Why ‘Hotel Deluxe’ is my first choice? It starred a great number of famous Hong Kong comedians like Ronald Cheng, Sandra Ng, and Chapman To. Other fellow casts are Raymond Wong, Fiona Sit, Teresa Mo, Michelle Ye, etc. With such a strong line-up of artists, this film is not to be missed. It tells the story of a hotel that is run by a group of incompetent staff and so a new harsh manager is appointed to match the five-star standard of the hotel operation. At the same time, a mysterious hotel detective is reported to have arrived to the hotel for inspection without the identity being known and on the other hand, a fake wedding is planned out and two popular artists have also came for stay at this hotel.


The story is quite interesting as it sets on funny issues revolving on a hotel, which paves way for much potential to create jokes and laughters. I think this movie is some sort of a re-branding to the popular franchise of ‘All’s Well, Ends Well’ which didn’t perform better than ‘I Love Hong Kong’ franchise every previous year. But I think the ‘Hotel Deluxe’ this year performed very well. The production grabbed a number of heavyweight artists to join into this film, and I think it worked on attracting more movie-goers.  And the most important thing is that each cast performed their part brilliantly too. The most funny character this time should be from Teresa Mo. I don’t like Fiona Sit in this movie as her part had some sort of romance with Ronald that gets certain part of the movie boring.


Overall, this movie is a very entertaining film. More laughters. There are some scenes that really made me laugh until tears coming out from my eyes. The dialogues are funny, the gestures and facial expressions are hilarious too. Well, that means this movie is very good as a comedy that ends with happy ending and greeting from the casts as expected. Very much recommended. No nonsense thing spotted too. Great. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Hotel Deluxe’ a total of 7.8. Next on the list to watch should be ‘I Love Hong Kong 2013’. From then, I can only make little comparison.

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2 Responses to “Movie review: Hotel Deluxe (2013)”

  1. is movie suitable for 7yr old?

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