CNY Eve today, time for reunion dinner. I had mine three days earlier.

Today is the last day of the year according to Chinese lunar calendar. Tomorrow, we would welcome a new year of snake! Let me wish every Chinese an early greeting of Happy Chinese New Year or commonly known as Spring Festival in China. Everyone must have their Chinese New Year mode turned on by now, since the big day of festival is tomorrow itself. It’s Saturday, and so I guess many didn’t work today. Some would have gone back to hometown for reunion with their grandparents and relatives. Some chosen to stay in city to celebrate new year. Where am I?

I’m now at Europe, enjoying my oversea trip with dad and my sister that will takes 10 days long. Every Chinese New Year, we would be going oversea for a trip to enjoy, relax and chill with the family. It’s like dropping everything here and go somewhere else to see the other part of the world. It’s always an amazing feeling of being able to travel around the world, and in the same time, learn something more from every single trip. This post was written many days earlier and is scheduled to be only published on this day of CNY eve itself.

What’s the most important during CNY eve? It’s definitely the reunion dinner. Chinese usually emphasize on family dinner when everyone gets to sit together around a circular table while enjoying the meal with chats and laughters. Kindly put aside all your electronic accessories for a moment (tab, note, phone, pad, pod, etc) and treasure every moment with your family especially during this Chinese New Year. Recently, I stumbled upon a CNY advertisement from Bernas that highlighted on ‘kah fan’ (add rice in Cantonese). And from that touching advertisement, I get to realize the true meaning of why the elder would keep asking the young ones to add rice during meal. The main reason is not that to prevent wastage of rice, but is to spend a little longer time together while we are eating. A very moving message indeed.

All people especially youngsters now should learn from it. Regarding the hot issue now that our Prime Minister is inviting Psy to perform his epic hit Gangnam style song at Penang during BN’s CNY open house soon, forget about it. Getting few millions wasted just for a very popular guy to perform a few minutes is really not worth it. Yes, he is famous, but you don’t need to use such way to attract more youngsters to vote for your government in the next upcoming general election. It’s totally not sincere. And their CNY greeting in Mandarin throughout radio stations now is disgusting. Sorry…I’m diverting my focus on politics again.

Well, I stressed earlier that reunion dinner is important. I am not going to miss it of course. In fact, I had mine three days earlier with the whole family, together with my one and only uncle from my father’s side. That makes up a very little number of people, and this year onwards, it’s going to be even lesser after my grandma passed away last year. Anyway, life goes on. We couldn’t have it on this exact day itself because we are already at Europe while my eldest sister and uncle are back at Malaysia. So, it’s a bit unique for us to have the dinner several days earlier. Haha…better than not having it at all. Right? Happy Chinese New Year to everyone once again!



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