Bye! Flying off tonight.

Packing is so tired. Finally, I’m done with packing of luggage after two hours of messing up with my wardrobe. Where am I going? I’m going to Europe with my dad and sister for a trip of ten days during this Chinese New Year break. You would have known it if you have read my previous posts on which I believed I have written about it thousand times. After months of waiting for this day to come, it finally arrived. Tonight, I would be getting to KLIA airport for midnight flight to Dubai before proceeding for flight transfer to Switzerland, the first country in Europe that we are going to visit.

Luckily, today I took a day leave. Without the need to work today, I can sleep longer as I believed I would not be able to sleep tonight in the plane. I would usually feel uncomfortable and unable to sleep in flight especially when it took more than four hours. Our first flight to Dubai would approximately took over 6 hours, and the next one to Switzerland would took around the same time too. So, the combination is about 14 hours. It would be worst if it’s a direct flight to Switzerland. Besides that, today without work also gave me time to pack my stuff as it is really time consuming to think of what to wear on these upcoming ten days in Europe under winter.

Previously, I’m used to countdown on how many days left to this trip. Two months left, a month left, a week left, three days left, and now no day left. Hehe…I’m feeling very excited, as Europe is one amazing continent to visit, and now comes the time when I can have my longest ever break in a year, away from works and home. Of course, by the time I’m in Europe, I would miss my home a bit and of course the very hot Sun here. This is going to be my second visit to this continent (my first visit to Europe was in 2011 when we had been to only Italy at that time). Looking forward to this trip which would start right away, tonight.

While I’m in Europe, I won’t be around much on internet, and so I will not be able to update my blog for quite some time. Sorry for that. But after I come back (which I don’t wish that time to come fast), I would update my blog with a post highlighting on my experience along this trip. And usually, that post would be seriously long, accompanied with many beautiful pictures of mine as seen in my previous posts on past Chinese New Year trip every year. Wait ya……Right now, I’m getting my mind all set to enjoy this coming trip which would be my longest ever trip.

Yea…yea…yeah…I’m flying off tonight. Everything is ready. My luggage is ready. My passport is here. I have got my Euro and Pound notes. I’m prepared for the winter over there. Europe, here I come. Bye, Malaysia!



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