Three more days to my Europe trip…start to get excited already.

The traffic congestion this morning which is unusually crazy almost ruins my mood. And for that, I get to arrived late to office for 3 minutes. Ahh, only three minutes. No big deal. But usually, I have a very clean record of reaching office everyday before 8.30 am. How come there is always more cars on the road on every Monday’s morning? This question is left unanswered forever. Nevermind, my mood is very well beginning this week. Anything great going to happen?

Yes. It’s my upcoming Chinese New Year oversea trip with family to Europe beginning this Thursday. This would be our second visit to Europe (the first to Italy only in 2011). We have planned for it several months ago with full payment given and now, it’s only three days left to this going-to-be awesome trip! Last weekend, I took the time to check on the programme itinerary again, and do a bit of online research on those places (tourist attractions) that I’m going to visit during this trip so that it would help me to understand better on background of those places. That task took me around two hours, and by now, at  least I can explain a bit about those places to my dad during the time of our visit. Image below showing Swiss Alps, one of the first destinations that we are going to visit on this coming trip:


(Image source:

Beautiful, isn’t it? This is not my picture. I’m going to have my own pictures of that very soon. This is something we will never see in Malaysia (tropical climate). Opps…I haven’t pack my stuff yet. Luggage is ready, but no clothes are inside yet. I think I’m going to start packing tomorrow. Packing also needs quite some time, as there are many clothes to bring for this ten-days trip. It’s going to be my longest ever trip (my last longest trip was in 8 days). Winter clothings are so thick and heavy, and I feels like not bringing so much of them for the trip. But then, it’s going to be freezing cold over there in Europe now, so I better bring more as a precaution. Stay warm in such a cold temperature that we would never experience in Malaysia is a very essential matter. So, very much expected that my luggage is going to be full and heavy.

Yup…most of the things are ready. And I’m ready for the trip as well. Notes changed to Euro and Pound currencies, and it was like; What! I only get a hundred over in return of RM500. Malaysia’s currency is so low. It’s so costly for trip especially to Western countries after looking at the currency rates. Okay…two more days of work before the day of departing to Switzerland, the first of six countries that we are going to visit altogether during the trip. Now, I would love to get more heat from the Sun, before leaving to Europe where heat is very minimal now over there. Thursday, faster comes! I’m waiting for you.


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