It’s February 2013, month of CNY and my trip to Europe!

I thought we have just welcomed year 2013 not long ago, and now came the second month of the year already. January had been a nice starting month for me, with smooth work and many public holidays despite being ill for a short period of time. Now, it’s February 2013, a month filled with Chinese New Year mood! This year, the Chinese would welcomes the year of snake according to lunar calendar (on February 10th onwards when the Chinese New Year day is). Ulala!

Even before the two days of Chinese New Year break that we are going to enjoy two weeks later (actually four days straight of holiday due to the holidays that fall concurrently after a weekend), we have had a public holiday to be happy about on this day itself. It’s 1st February, and that’s a Federal Territories’ Day. My company is in Kuala Lumpur, and so we observed this holiday along with many others whom mostly works in the capital. And the great thing is that the holiday falls on Friday, and so, we are going to enjoy a continuous three days of break and rest!

Today, I would be following my dad for shopping before Chinese New Year somewhere in Bukit Bintang. That also would gives me opportunity to observe the decorations available on streets and in malls at the Golden Triangle of KL. Usually, Pavilion KL’s decorations would amaze me every year. Let’s see whether it’s catching my eyes again this year later on. Shopping is always a good thing to do especially before Chinese New Year as a way to welcome lunar new year with new clothes! But that hurts our wallets so much that I have to hold back and think hardly whether I really need this particular item or not.

By next week, I would be going to Europe for the second time with my dad and sister for a trip that follows a tour group during the Chinese New Year break. And for that, I have to take a number of days in leave as I would be away from Malaysia in about 10 days. So, I think this month would be very great and memorable to me with this very much anticipated trip. Europe had always been a fascinating continent for me to visit. I’m coming soon! Yes….For my blog’s header of this month, there is nothing else to highlight other than this very festive Chinese New Year celebration. Yes…red colour! Chinese loves red. It symbolises prosperity! Let me wish everyone an early Gong Xi Fa Cai! That’s another copy of my blog header (as you can already see it above) below…click on the image for larger and clearer version. Wait…in Chinese, 2013 is the year of snake. So you would see the number ‘2’ in the header formed based on a figure of a snake. So, it’s uniquely for this year’s lunar new year.

February2013 blog header


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