Back from shopping at Bukit Bintang, CNY decorations everywhere.

When is the last time I did shopping for clothes? I couldn’t remember as I believed it was a very long time ago. Chinese New Year is approaching and my father planned to go to Bukit Bintang to buy some winter clothings for our trip to Europe next week. And so I followed; a shopping without the need to spend my own money. Thanks dad for paying. We didn’t visit only a single mall, as we planned to go to several malls altogether nearby within that Bukit Bintang area.

First, we went to Pavilion KL. Not for shopping since the shops there are mostly luxurious and out of our budget. We went there just to see the Chinese New Year decorations in the mall as it is very promising and beautiful every year. They placed a lot of lanterns, hanging in the main atrium with several kiosks below and a red bridge surrounded by flowers and other little CNY decorations. I remembered last year, there is this giant dragon ‘flying’ above in the atrium (that’s fantastic), but on this year, there is nothing besides than the normal lanterns I mentioned earlier. Well, I guess snake is not a favourable animal but I think it should be emphasized in some other ways as part of the decorations. But still, Pavilion KL’s CNY decoration is always the best in the city. The theme this year is ‘Circles of Prosperity’.








Before we left the mall, we stopped by at the main entrance for a while despite the very scorching heat outside to take a look at this; 12 Chinese zodiac animals placed with forecast of this year’s state to each of them. I knew earlier that those who are born in year of goat (I am), would not be very good this year (but I didn’t believe on it very much) and that is also indicated from there. Even the street are also decorated with lanterns.





Then, we went to Fahrenheit 88 solely for Uniqlo store. I guess its business has been decreasing due to the recent opening of another big competitor nearby, H&M at Lot 10. I didn’t find anything that I like in Uniqlo, and so we proceed to Lot 10 to visit the huge H&M store (my second visit to this newly opened store). There, I bought three clothes (with two winter clothes to be brought together for my trip to Europe, and one more for my usual attires). Now, I had a number of H&M clothes in my wardrobe already. We finished off the shopping by the afternoon, and it’s still so hot outdoors. Once we stepped outside, I wish to stay longer in the air-conditioned mall. Hmm…and yesterday, I have actually followed my sister to Berjaya Times Square. And its CNY decoration is quite simple compared to Pavilion KL, with the most iconic being the huge red columns that resembles those in Forbidden City (palatial Chinese feel).



It’s red everywhere!



One Response to “Back from shopping at Bukit Bintang, CNY decorations everywhere.”

  1. Happy Chinese New Year! Very nice place to shop at. I wish I could go there too in the near future.:) Great Post and pictures!

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