Work in 4 days or lesser every week continuously since….

Since mid of December last year before Christmas. That’s great. A week has five working days, and unbelievably, I have had at least a day of break on weekdays every week from that time onwards. And that is not going to end up until after Chinese New Year. Cool…Let’s see. A week before Christmas, I took a day leave to settle something regarding my claim of insurance to my lost car. Time flies. My car had been stolen for over two months already. No news heard, and so I think it’s gone forever.

On the week of Christmas, of course everyone is enjoying the Christmas Day as a holiday. It’s on Tuesday, right? Yea. Then, a week after Christmas is when everyone celebrated the arrival of new year 2013. Another break on Tuesday. Lovely. Next, on the second week of January, I felt sick on one of the weekdays and I took MC. A week after that (last week), I spent my Friday not working in office, but attending a course by DBKL in a very beautiful building in Cheras (it’s explained in my previous post). So, it’s a relaxing day and that’s counted as a rest day for me.

This week, there was another public holiday again. It’s Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday yesterday, and so I enjoyed another day of break. Today, many were not present in the office (some took MC, some took leave), but I do came. I successfully brought myself up from the bed from this rainy morning and get myself to work eventhough I had insomnia (couldn’t sleep the whole last night). Well, nevermind, I’m going to take sufficient rest this weekend. Next week would be much more amazing. In our company, Thaipusam is not observed as a holiday, but my boss decided to have it as a holiday, and yes! Hurray…A longer weekend to enjoy now since Monday would be a holiday for us too (replacement to Thaipusam that falls on this Sunday). Unexpected announcement. Wow, I had a three-days straight of weekend break, but some of my colleagues are already enjoying their five-days straight of break since yesterday. Much better.

Then, in the same week (next week), another public holiday arrives. That’s the Federal Territories’ Day on which Kuala Lumpur would be in holiday. Yes, our office in KL. And the best thing is that it falls on Friday. So, another longer weekend to enjoy next week. Amazing. Now, I have started to plan for extreme Chinese New Year shopping on next weekend. A week after that, I’m going to take a leave on that following Friday, as I would have already left Malaysia on Thursday’s midnight for my Chinese New Year oversea trip with my family to Europe for 10 days. Next, on the week of Chinese New Year, I’m not around the whole week (still enjoying my days at Europe in winter). Can’t wait for that to come. Then, a week after Chinese New Year, I’m going to take another day of leave on Monday to have myself at least a day of rest after the trip which is expected to be quite exhausting.

So, you get it…I’m going to have four days or lesser working days every week for a continuous 10 weeks. Yes…it seems like my weekdays are much shorter beginning December. But things are going to get back to normal by March when there is not much upcoming public holidays more, and full working mode is to return again. Now…holiday mood, and also Chinese New Year mood. CNY is coming! Yay…By the way, I’m going to take a lot of leave at the time of the Chinese New Year. Gonna make full use of the leave. Going to enjoy my trip to the max. Happy Holiday, everyone! It’s a rainy day today. Nevermind, I’m back home. Who cares what happened outdoor now.


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