South Korea’s Golden Disk Awards 2013 in Malaysia

Golden Disk Awards, dubbed as the Korean Grammy Awards is the most prestigious awards show honouring the best of South Korean’s music industry for the past year. It was held once every year in South Korea itself, up until last year, when it was first held outside the country, in Japan. The intention is probably to have the awards to gain much more attention overseas and to further globalize the K-Pop sensation. This year, the decision remains the same to have the awards show in oversea, and it’s quite unbelievable that Malaysia was picked as host to this year’s Golden Disk Awards that concluded yesterday’s night. A grand K-pop event in Malaysia! Of course, I’m going to have a post for this! (eventhough I’m not a fan of K-pop).


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The 27th Golden Disk Awards was successfully held in two days at Sepang International Circuit, on 15th and 16th January 2013. The event contributed the largest gathering by South Korean singers oversea. Wow…many wouldn’t want to miss that. It’s now the era of K-Pop which attracted world wide interest particularly targeting the youngsters, and so this awards was no doubt a hit, even in Malaysia. But for me whom had no interest in K-pop, I’m still trying hard to find a reason why K-pop is so popular now. K-pop is blindly influencing teenagers worldwide now. Don’t know what they are singing, but fantasized by every words spoken by them. The two-days show was attended by very high number of people, mostly screaming fans that couldn’t wait to take a look to the present star-studded artists and to watch their performance. Many have even waited for their arrival at the airport. They are so free….By the way, it’s a huge stage (as can be seen below)!



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The two-days show was attended by huge line-up of Korean artists; BtoB, B1A4, Juniel, EXO, CN Blue, FT Island, KARA, SHINee, B2ST, Infinite, Super Junior, Ailee, Huh Gak, B.A.P., Teen Top, K-Will, Miss A, Secret, F(x), SISTAR, Epik High, G-Dragon, Lee Hi. So, there is no doubt the price of the tickets is very high, but still Malaysians were willing to pay that much to join the fun of screaming to their pretty or handsome idols. The official result of the awards are posted everywhere, so there is no need for me to post it here, since I actually don’t care who wins or what. I only knew few of them. But wait, where is Psy? He gets the biggest part of K-pop last year for his ‘Gangnam Style’ that reached to worldwide recognition and obtained over 1 billion views in YouTube (the highest ever), and yet, he isn’t here in Malaysia to receive the highest honour of award; Digital Daesang (song of the year). So, no Gangnam Style in the show. What,….Even Big Bang is nowwhere to be seen in this awards show.

Short interviews are conducted with the attending artists and all seems to try to gain more Malaysian fans by saying ‘I love this place. I love the warmth here, unlike in Korea where now it’s freezing cold. Looking forward to see my fans. Going to plan for a concert here soon…blah, blah, blah…’ They must be surprised to see so much of their Malaysian fans over here. Anyway, they were received very well anywhere in Asia too, right? Well, the awards show ended but K-pop still rules and rocks the world now for at least another …(few) years probably. We have Gangnam Style last year. This year, what we are going to have? Another much crazier hit? Who knows…maybe.


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