The Collector and The Collection

‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’ are both horror movies. Great horror movies. No ghost, but a killer who is at his best with his deadly traps. The former is released in 2009 while the latter which is the sequel is released last year. Have you heard of these two movies? I think both are must-watch especially to horror movie fans like me. But I find myself already late on realizing the existence of the two films only in last week. And yes, I completed watching both yesterday.


‘The Collector’ started with a handyman trying to break into a house which he had worked on before to steal. However, he was not alone in the house as a masked man had set up various traps to torture and kill every person in the home. The masked man, known as the collector had habit of killing everyone but one, and keep the person in a box as a bait for the next murder spree. Well, I don’t know the reason behind it. His identity remains unknown but from the story itself, it is revealed that he is actually one of the exterminators working for the house before. (sorry for little spoiler). There are a number of plotholes, but for me, in this situation, I don’t care. The movie still delivered. His traps are brilliant and gruesome, and the way he tortured his victims are terrifying. Well, that is what to expect from horror movies like this, and ‘The Collector’ definitely nails it.

collector 4

The story is very interesting, and I’m fully immersed as it progresses every second. Every moment is intense, with the handyman called Arkin trying to get out of the house before get killed by any of the traps or by the collector himself. It’s extremely exciting with perfect setting (in a huge house in darkness with heavy downpour outside). He went up and down, hides here or there, while many times almost being found out by the psycho man or get caught in traps. My heart felt pathetic and rushing as every painstaking scream and disturbing visuals are shown from this film. Well, that is what a bloody and gruesome film like this should have achieved. The Collector made it. I find it’s even better than ‘Saw’ or ‘Hostel’ franchise. Finally, there is a new horror franchise to catch up with in recent years. I rate ‘The Collector’ a total of 8.0. There is never a horror movie that got that high rating from me.

Then, came ‘The Collection’, the sequel. The story follows on a girl, Elena discovering a box containing Arkin (from previous film). She released him, and that provokes a series of deadly traps set by the collector to a bigger group of people. Then, Arkin lead a hired group of people to rescue Elena whom had been captured by the collector that now resides in an abandoned hotel. From here, the collector’s mad intention and objective of killing people is shown back in his lab, linked with his obsession to insects. It turned out more bloody, but I find its predecessor is much better in terms of leaving terrifying impact and suspense level to the audiences. Anyway, it’s still a nice sequel to follow. I rate ‘The Collection’ a total of 7.0. I’m looking forward to another planned sequel to be entitled ‘The Collected’ eventhough the ending from ‘The Collection’ isn’t encouraging for a continuation.


I have to say the collector must have been a new horror icon in the history of Hollywood horror movies. It’s a new frightening character to fear for. On other hand, I have to praise on the performance by Josh Stewart, the main star in both the films, portraying as Arkin. He is tired, extremely painful, and yet had to stay on, and tried his best to get out from the house (as seen in first film) and to kill him (as seen in second film) while saving some others. Josh delivered a solid performance. The story is cool. Low-budget films but with great quality. Awesome films, particularly the first one, ‘The Collector’.


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