Started off the year with no water supply

What a way to start off the year! No water supply for almost four days since 2nd January 2013. There is no earlier announcement, and so, all of the homes affected have made no preparation to face this shortage of water supply in few straight days. Then, I learnt from the news that pump house had malfunctioned that lead to this, and that all affected houses will have water supply back latest by Saturday’s morning. And today is Saturday. Ahh, yes, water supply is back!

In the last few days, we get frustrated with no water supply at home. We can’t do any dishwashing, no cleaning, and not much boiled water to drink. And so, from yesterday onwards, we need to depend on mineral water bought outside. Laundry? All our dirty clothes were just left piling up. And then, we have to take shower very quick everyday to save water from the roof tank, worrying that the back-up water would finish very soon too. It’s like we are living in a situation in an under-developed country. And yet, the government said we are very near to the goal of reaching to the developed status for the country by 2020 (that’s only seven years left from now). Haha…that’s a joke.

And of course, as expected, the government is politicizing this water shortage issue again especially at this time. Since Selangor state is now under opposition, the federal government is now trying hard to win back this most developed and highest populated state that surrounded the capital of KL in the next upcoming election. There is no longer speculation on when the general election would be held that started off two years ago. It must be held this year before April, the time when the full five-year term expires. And so, the federal government is blaming on the opposition not only from this issue, but also from many others to bring down the opposition’s image. Same old tricks, and yet they expected the citizens to vote for them back. Forget about it.

Anyway, if you ask me to choose between no water or no electricity, I would rather pick no water. In current modern era, it’s almost impossible to live without electricity. When we have no water, we can avoid from doing cleaning and dishwashing while still can have shower and laundry at somewhere else. Other daily activities resume as usual. That’s it. But if we have no electricity, we couldn’t watch TV, no laptop to use in longer hours (no entertainment), no air-cond, no fan (couldn’t sleep), no light, etc. And even electrical appliances and washing machines couldn’t operate even if water is present. That’s far worst. Anyway, I’m still glad that the water supply is back and I’m going to have a very nice shower later. Bye…


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