World welcomed new year 2013 with bang!

Happy New Year to everyone once again! Let’s hope this would be a great year for all of us! Like what I said earlier, fireworks display is a must to usher into a new year in major cities around the world. And I like to watch pyrotechnics performance. Out of many major places celebrating the new year with bang!, I have watched new year fireworks from Sydney, London, Taipei, Hong Kong and Dubai, thanks to those who uploaded those videos quick on YouTube. Out of these five cities, I would rate which one is the best to the poorest in order.

Please take note; Lowest in this ranking does not means that the city is seriously bad in showcasing their pyrotechnics display. It’s just a ranking for these five places, which I always think that their fireworks showcase are the most impressive among all others. These cities had much better fireworks display that my own city, Kuala Lumpur which had been segregated into several places with minor and very ordinary fireworks display. That’s disappointing every year from my city, and I don’t even bother to watch fireworks at my own place nearby. Now, here comes the videos (from YouTube) of the impressive new year 2013’s fireworks.

1. Sydney, Australia. – along the stream, little from several highrises in the city, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

2. London, United Kingdom. – along the stream, and from London Eye (the ferris wheel).

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. – from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man made structure and its nearby surrounding development.

4. Taipei, Taiwan – from Taipei 101 building itself, former world tallest building.

5. Hong Kong, China – along the stream, and from several highrises in the city.



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