Boom! Boom! Boom! Fireworks everywhere! Happy New Year 2013!

Booming sounds of fireworks filled the sky outside just now as the world welcomes the new year of 2013. It must be very happening and crowded at major cities around the world as they prepared to usher 2013 with amazing parties, gatherings and of course the not-to-be-missed fireworks display according to their local time. I have watched the live broadcast of the new year fireworks from Sydney Harbour Bridge several hours ago , and as usual every year, the massive and lengthy display impressed me. Not long ago, it’s the time for fireworks to lit up the sky of Kuala Lumpur, but I’m not too excited to watch any of it because it’s too typical and ordinary every year. I just hear some noise from fireworks from KL which is not too loud as my home is quite far from the city centre. Whatever…


Happy New Year 2013 to everyone! 2012 now officially ended and is now only kept in our memory or just merely regarded as history. Goodbye to 2012 which had been good and bad to me. But I find there is more bad things on me in the past year. Those bad things are rolling in like there is no stop. Luckily, I can say it’s over (since the year is over too). Now, I’m hoping for a better new year, but the Chinese horoscope forecast brings me down again. This year, 2013, would be the year of snake according to Chinese lunar calendar. And those who are born in year of goat would not have a smooth year. That means bad. And I was born in year of goat. Nevermind, I will just pretend myself not to believe too much on this Chinese astrology, and treat everything this year positively. I will try.

So, 2013 would be my 6th year in operation of this blog. Wow..that long? Yes… I started this blog back in 2008. That’s unbelievable. Time flies. And now, I started off this year with this 1101th post. By this year, I would turn 22 too. Double two! What’s my new year’s wish? It’s all those crappy shit that you must have heard before. Proper health, smooth work, safe living, good luck. Who doesn’t want all that? Well, it’s a bit general, and if you want me to narrow it down, I have no idea. I am just hoping now that this year would turns out good to me. And yes, the new year started off very well with a comfortable holiday at home for a day before gearing up for multiple works later on. Hmm…I am also longing for some kind of surprises to await me in 2013 which would makes life more interesting. I mean good surprise (totally don’t want the bad one.) My new year’s resolution? I will try to push myself to learn as much as I can in architecture career I have started on not long ago, not to get lazy or sleepy easily (but it’s hard to control that sometimes), and to get out and socialize more! That’s my target. Whether it will be achieved, remains a big question.

How was your new year’s eve? Dead tiring now due to crazy partying and countdown celebration just now? Most probably. I am sure many would stay up till very late tonight and wake up later by the afternoon already. I’m glad many had a blast. Well, that’s life. We have been through a lengthy year of so many things going on, and it’s time to celebrate the end of one and the arrival of another. Well, the theme for this month’s blog header would be obviously on fireworks. I like to watch fireworks display. It’s beautiful yet so fast. What’s better way to celebrate new year big than having fireworks display. So, it must appears at the top of my blog for at least a month. (Click on a copy of the header below for a clearer and bigger version)

January 2013 blog header

Last but not least, goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013! Happy New Year to everyone once again! Have you changed your calendar? Go,go, go…2013!


(First and last image in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web. Note: First image is slightly edited)


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