Best of my Blog in 2012

Year 2012 is coming to an end in a few days. It’s the best time now for me to generally write up how far my blog here has gone through for this beautiful year. This post which will reveals some very interesting facts and achievements my blog successfully gained in 2012 acts as a report card. All the figures to be shown below are true as they are indicated from the blog’s statistics mastered by WordPress shown in my admin’s dashboard. While some categories listed are based on my personal favourites of the year.


1. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Day of the Year – 5th September 2012 with 9 691 hits. 

(With views almost reaching 10 000, that particular day also sets the record for day with highest hits all time from the start of this blog)

2. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Month of the Year – November 2012 with 83 619 hits.

(The month recorded average hits per day of 2787 which is the highest ever since the start of my blog back in late 2008)

3. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Week of the Year – Week 40 (30th September till 6th October 2012)  with 23 849 hits. 

(That is like about 3407 views per day for that week, which is exceptionally high)

4. My Blog City’s Post of the Year with Highest Hits – ‘It’s Teacher’s Day in Malaysia—did your school celebrate the day with special event organized in dedication to the teachers?’ with almost 32 000 views.

(Until today, I still don’t understand how this simple and short post gained over that huge amount of views. This post is also the all-time second highest post in my blog, just behind ‘Architectural Presentation Board’ that recorded over 40 000 views as of current)

5. My Blog City’s Top 5 Countries to My Blog – Malaysia, United States, India, United Kingdom, Singapore.

(1- Malaysia with over 140 000 hits, 2 – United States with over 125 ooo hits, 3 – India with over 50 000 hits, 4 – United Kingdom with over 45 ooo hits, 5 – Singapore with over 30 000 hits, all figures recorded after February 25th, 2012 for a duration of 10 months)

6. My Blog City’s Most Favourite Blog Header – Blog header for the month of October 2012 based on beauty of nature theme.

october2012 blog header

(This is purely my own pick. It’s elegant and pleasant looking for having this on top of my blog’s site. Nothing much needed to be done for editing this lovely image, as the image itself is already very powerful. )

7. My Blog City’s Most Productive Month of the Year – April 2012.

(I have produced a total of 38 posts in April this year. Closely behind is January with 36 posts and March with 34 posts. It appears that I wrote more posts in early year when I was in my holiday before going for work)

List of My Blog City’s Major Achievements in 2012:

– Reached 1.5 million hits (views) somewhere in middle of the year.

– Had over 70 blog’s followers and over 50 comments’ followers.

– Reached 1000th-post milestone. (to even reach 1100th-post target before end of this year too)

– Had the busiest single day views to my blog on 5th September 2012 with almost 10 000 hits on that particular day. (where else in 2011, the highest is only at around 5000 hits)

– Produced 311 posts in 2012. (have only produced 279 posts in 2011. 32 more posts produced this year. Proven that I am much hardworking this year…haha)

– Recorded almost 800 000 views for this year, which is around 310 000 more views than that in previous year (2011). That is an increase of over 60%.

– In Alexa Website Ranking, My Blog City ranked within 1.5 million out of countless domains registered. Best standing so far is within 1.2 million.

– The average number of views per day for every months in 2012 easily goes above 2000. (where else in 2011, not a single month reaches above 2000).

What’s my feeling now? Proud of course. Happy over all the achievements my blog here had for the year 2012, which is performing much better than in previous years as predicted. I’m very excited to see increase (I mean, huge increase) in figures recorded in my blog’s statistics compared to previous year when I started to check on my blog’s standing. And I would continue to pour my countless effort into this blog to produce yet much better outcome in 2013 and so on. Your continuous support to my blog would be highly appreciated. And one more happy news to add in; I just bought my first ever smartphone yesterday (it’s the latest iPhone 5!) Yeay! But the cost hurts. I’m in a very joyful mood now at the end of the year looking at how good my blog had performed and how far my blog had go through. And it’s on track to be one of the most successful individual blogs in near future. (Wow…I’m thinking too much already…haha) Anyway, Good Job to my blog here, and well done to myself. Allows me to wish myself congratulation for this success my blog enjoyed for the year.



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