Me in 2012…my three most unforgettable events of the year.

After writing down a re-cap of the world in 2012 in my previous post, it’s time to narrow the topic down to what’s big happening to me throughout this particular year. So, this individualistic post would allows me to express my three most unforgettable events of the year, and perhaps even more to that below.

1. Memorable oversea trip to India during Chinese New Year.

Me and my family went out for oversea trip every Chinese New Year. This year, we went to a place that earlier we never thought of going actually. It’s India. We decided to go there as the cost is less burdening and that India has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal. The trip took only 6 days if I’m not mistaken, and I enjoyed every single moments I had within that duration of the trip. Besides visiting the extremely beautiful Taj Mahal and some other fascinating tourist attractions, I get to see also ‘special’ things that I will never get to see in my country (camels, poops everywhere, a vast land where hundreds of people are doing their ‘business’ publicly, homes to the extremely poor, abundance of awful-looking bus still in operation, etc). Somewhere in the middle of the year, I also had trip to Malacca (A Famosa Resort and Malacca Town) with my sisters and trip to Singapore (study trip by company).



(The majestic Taj Mahal at Agra is definitely the highlight of my trip to India.)




(The symbolic red buildings that represents Malacca Old Town, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.)




(The very beautiful skyline of Singapore. Now I wish to have a longer trip to this place soon.)

2. The year I stepped into working career.

After my graduation at the end of last year, I enjoyed few months of break while at the same time applying for Master study in architecture at oversea. Many have already had their programme started and application closed, and so my choice is very limited. For that reason and also not to put a heavy financial burden on my dad, I decided to go for job instead. This year marked the first time I went for job interview, the first time I successfully get hired into this profession of architecture, and the first time I become an architect after getting my degree. Although life can be quite boring and stressful from this profession, but I won’t give up, and will not stop from gaining essential working experience that would allows me to climb further in my future career.

3. Lost my grandma, then lost my car.

My beloved grandma turned 86 this year. She had been very healthy for all those years until 2012, when her health showed sign of deteriorating after accidentally falling down twice. She gets very forgetful and easily caught in extreme emotion (typical for people of this age), and the worst is that she kept taking medicines (she thought she didn’t) until that leads to many more illness later on (damage to internal organs). She passed away in August this year. May my beloved grandma rest in peace. Then, not long after in November, I lost my car that I had been driving for several years. There are so many cars along the side road at the time and it’s my car that got stolen. Bad luck. It’s really making my life inconvenient after that, and I had to move back to stay with my dad now (previously staying at my eldest sister’s home when my car is present). I don’t want to lose anything more. That’s enough.

I wouldn’t say that 2012 is a great year to me, but I’m still happy of this year that I went through it in a healthy state. There are ups and downs that I faced this year, but that is inevitable as part of our growing process and I face it calm. This is the year I turned 21, which then allows me to do many things already (enter casino, participate in election, etc). There isn’t any major birthday celebration (as supposed for people reaching 21 years old) as my grandma’s recent passing disallowed me to celebrate within a year according to Chinese belief, but I am not blaming it on anyone. I’m okay with it. Last but not least, this is also the year I spent most of my time in blogging here actually. Haha….thanks for reading on what I had been through generally this year.

(All images in this post are taken by myself. Kindly credit if you wish to share the images somewhere else)


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