The World in 2012…a re-cap of major things or events of the year.

The fantastic year of 2012 is almost coming to an end. Before saying goodbye to the year, I took this opportunity to write a re-cap of some of the big things that had happened within the year that made a global impact or had become a highlight of the year. It appears that it has now becomes an annual tradition in my blog here to write a re-cap of major events occurred within that particular passing year. This year is not an exception, and I’m not going to write long. I would just sum it up to only three ‘big’ things of 2012 that contributed the most impact in global scale or proportion.

1. London, the city that the world set eyes on in 2012.

London truly surpass other great cities to be the highlight of the year. Not only did the city became the centre of celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee where countless of parades and festivals were held in early year, London later played host to the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the world’s biggest and most anticipating sporting event. Not long after celebration marking the queen’s 60th anniversary to the throne of UK and Commonwealth, the city continued to gear up to welcome the world to witness and participate into one of the most successful games ever. Eventhough the opening and closing ceremonies are a bit of disappointment to me, but it is no doubt that London is full of spirit on this particular year.


2. Oppa, Gangnam Style.

Even until now, I still don’t understand how Psy’s Gangnam Style song could reach popularity at such extreme scale. Everybody have listened to it before, and most would have watch the video too. Nothing impressive to me actually. Well, earlier, I have known that this decade is indeed the rise of K-Pop in music, but never did I thought that a Korean song could go this far (having almost 1 billion views in Youtube alone, breaking the worldwide record of video with highest hits, beating out previous title holder, ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber). This had also lead to countless of remakes or pranks to this hit song. And of course, the song which had gone that viral and unbelievably addictive to majority of the people in this planet now, brought fame to the singer, Psy who brought home multiple awards and record-breaking achievement. Unbelievable. 2012 is truly the year for the birth of the impacting Gangnam Style.


3. End of the world on 21st December 2012? No, but there is still a lot of fuss about it.

Everybody in their heart knew that the world will not ends in 2012. Admit it. People just keep talking about it, as it is a popular topic to raise up particularly on this month. It is not because we seriously look into it, but it provides us an issue everyone seems interested in. This 21.12.2012 rumour had also received much hype and popularity, thanks to the disaster film ‘2012’ released few years ago with impressive visual effects that depicts the end of the world in a much terrifying scale. This day is over and life goes on, but the fuss over this date still made it to the headline definitely. No one really knows when is the end of the world, but right know, it is known that we could never disregard or look down to the impact of this particular speculation of  doomsday to this year.


Well, all that aren’t enough to summarize the year as seen in the world? Well, there are several more to list down here. The 2012 World Expo was held successfully at Yeosu, South Korea with theme on living ocean and coast from May 12 to August 12. It is the first ever world fair held on water. In May 22, The Tokyo SkyTree, the tallest self-supporting tower in the world at 634 metres high opened to the public. It is an incredibly tall observation and telecommunication tower that significantly changes Tokyo’s skyline. Between June 5 to 6, the century’s second and last solar transit of Venus occurred. The next pair are predicted to occur in 2117 and 2125 (which is at least 105 years from now, and we would never live that long to see the next one).

In July 30 t0 31, we witnessed the worst power outage in world history occurring at India that leaves 620 million without power. It’s affecting about 9% of the world population. Luckily, I am living in Malaysia is not affected. In October 24 to 30, the fearsome Hurricane Sandy (largest Atlantic hurricane on record) left at least 200 people dead and caused massive destruction at Carribean, Bahamas, United States and Canada. In November 25 to December 2, Phillipines was struck by deadly Typhoon Bopha that killed almost 2000 people. Hmm..but if comparing the scale of natural disasters that happened this year to that of previous years, this year’s natural destruction isn’t terrible. It’s a bless to all of us to have such a year with lesser number of natural tragedies. There are two famous deaths in this year; the famous singer Whitney Houston in February 11 and the first man on Moon, Neil Armstrong in August 25. May they rest in peace. Huh…so those are the major highlights of the year. They would then turned into memorable history representing year 2012. Thanks for reading by the way.

(Images and certain information in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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