Happy Winter Solstice Festival! Ahh, wait, today is end of the world? Nothing happens in the end.

21st December 2012 had been a date of fear to people who believed that on day, the world would ends. This speculation came from the Mayan civilization few thousand years ago when their calculation in calendar stopped on that particular date. This had then been subjected to bigger publicity with disaster film ‘2012’ released few years ago based on this rumour. The terror of the disasters shown from the film are horrifying and are still fresh in my mind, on which all that would also occurs in reality, but definitely not on this day (that fast). Anyway, it’s a nice and intense film with superb visual effects. I like that film. Have you watched it? I think it’s way back in 2009.


Well, today is that very fateful day. 21st December 2012. Another day predicted to be the judgement day but turned out nothing happens in the end, similarly to previous earlier dates associated with end of the world. Some people just couldn’t stop predicting the next date when the world would ends. Majority of us would of course not seeing this day as truly the end of the world, but treating it as a rather special day for pre-celebration before the Christmas and new year. Life goes on, and don’t get worried, as even our grandchildren in future would also has the chance to live in this beautiful planet. What’s my feeling today? Nothing special, but I still had a bit of excited emotion as we get to pass through a day ‘destined’ to be the end of the world. Yesterday is a nice date too: 20.12.2012, on which there is a double of 2012 in the date.


And the end of Mayan calendar is proven not associated to anything that would cause destruction to the world. It is indeed believe to mark the beginning of another cycle to that calendar. So, it’s another typical day for us. But people would still continue to make a fuss about it. There are so many Facebook postings on this day (even yesterday too) regarding this matter. And I find one phrase from my friend that made my day; ‘After this day, Mayan calendar would be a joke, and that 2012 doomsday would be a comedy’. I guess after this day, many would also laugh and make fun of the ‘2012’ film. That film is a fiction anyway, and is only intended for entertainment purpose (don’t be too serious about it).

So, there is nothing going to happen. And today is the Winter Solstice. For the Chinese, it’s Dongzhi Festival that we are going to celebrate today. Usually, it falls on 22nd December every year, but brought one day earlier this year to 21st December. What’s more important than having a dinner with the whole family harmoniously on this evening, and to have delicious tong yuan to eat. Ahh, I like tong yuan (balls of glutinous rice boiled with fill inside or empty). But this year, we won’t be cooking the tong yuan ourselves. It’s also my uncle’s birthday today. Happy birthday to him!

The world is not going to end that soon in this case, but the fact is this year is really going to end. There are ten more days before 2013 arrived. Happy getting through 21.12.2012, and Happy Dongzhi Festival to all Chinese!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


2 Responses to “Happy Winter Solstice Festival! Ahh, wait, today is end of the world? Nothing happens in the end.”

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