Still feels heartbroken over the Connecticut mass shooting incident last week

I was in shock the first time I read the news of this mass shooting incident. It’s a breaking news and it has been at the front page of all newspapers for at least two days. I am informed of this tragic event on last Saturday’s morning when I checked on news of the day. The first time I read about it, I had a shock. A killer aged 20 shot his mother and then gunned down 26 other people at school including 20 young kids before killing himself. This is crazy and definitely disturbs everyone who read about it. Then, I just felt sad and heartbroken everytime I read over the news of progress of investigation to uncover further details of the shooting.

The massacre occurred on Friday’s morning, 14th December 2012, with Adam Lanza, aged 20, killed his mother at their home before going to nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School and fatally shot twenty children and six staff at Sandy Hook village of Newtown, Connecticut. After that, he killed himself, bringing total death toll to 28, making it second-deadliest school shooting in United States history (behind 2007’s Virginia Tech massacre that took 33 lives). After days of investigating and questioning Lanza’s relatives, former schoolmates and neighbours in the town, the exact reason to why Lanza would did such an unspeakable and horrifying act is still unclear. A picture of Adam Lanza, the killer as seen in a school magazine representing tech. club shown below (circled in red).


Questioning reveals that Adam Lanza is indeed an intelligent, quiet and introverted boy. His mother dropped him out of the school when he was 16 after ongoing disputes about his care that requires special attention. It is believed that he had physical disorder (could not feel pain) and personality disorder (being socially uncomfortable and a loner). He is brought up in a troubled family, as his parents divorced few years ago and he is then raised by his mother. However, after days of investigation, the cause for why Lanza targeted the schoolchildren in Sandy Hook remains a mystery. There is no direct hatred or bad feeling between him and the innocent kids studying there? Why would he did such a terrifying thing that ends the life of 20 kids whom bright future are awaiting them. And according to police report, it is believed that Lanza would have killed more people if the police didn’t arrive quick. Horrible.

This is really saddening. I moved to tears once I saw the pictures of the kids who lost their lives due to the massacre published on news. All of them  look so adorable, and they had many great years ahead of them. Of course, I do feel sad over the death of several school staff of whom some were reported to have sacrifice their lives to protect the schoolchildren on that ill-fated day.  I hereby send my deepest condolences to the family of the victims. The bright smiling faces of 18 of the 20 kids who died from the shooting pictured below. aahh…


On the day of the shooting, US President Barack Obama mentioned “We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.” Words like this are meaningless if there is no action taken. We have witnessed more and more shooting tragedies in US (not long ago there was this Colorado’s cinema shooting during the airing of The Dark Knight Rises, and many earlier cases), and it’s seriously enough. Stricter law should be imposed on gun control in United States. If not, living in US is like staying in fear of safety everyday. And kids who need special attention should not be isolated and should be counselled in positive manner. Do not treat them as if they are inhuman. This could cause them to turn really inhuman in the end, like what we have seen in this Connecticut mass shooting incident. Adam had really gone crazy on doing such unforgivable sin. For more details of this incident if you wish to follow up; (several information in this post are from this source too, including the images), and there are many sources too for you to read more about it. May the victims rest in peace.


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