So fast that it’s already been a year after my graduation…

When I browsed through my Facebook home page, I came across to a number of pictures of several of my friends graduating. They are my juniors when we are studying in Limkokwing University. And now they have graduated, and I do feel happy for them. And their recent graduation reminds me that I have actually graduated a year ago. I felt like my graduation was only a month ago, and didn’t realize that this very special occasion to me happened over a year ago actually.

As far as I knew, their graduation ceremony took place at one of the halls in Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). That is so cool and grand, and I felt a bit jealous over their venue which is so much better looking than the place we had our graduation ceremony last year, back in the Hall of Fame in the campus itself only. The hall is small and too ‘black’, not really that suitable for this meaningful occasion. And if I’m not mistaken, the ceremony of my juniors’ graduation this year was also attended by Prime Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Sultan of Pahang who received a doctorate in the ceremony as well. While in my ceremony last year, the special guest invited is someone not very familiar with (not of big position).

Time flies. I remembered I had my 20th birthday, and then my graduation all together in December last year. That particular month seems so special and memorable to me before stepping into year 2012 when I have to decide on either to continue for master or to proceed for job searching. And so, I picked to go for job to gain working experience which is essential after few months of holiday and getting myself lazy. And now, it’s already December 2012, and that my juniors’ graduation reminded me that I have been away from studying for a year long already. I’m enjoying that life without assignments, but sometimes, I would find myself missing the time rushing for project submissions and getting crazy with friends.

The memory of me dressing up very nicely with formal clothing, and then wrapped with graduation uniform is still fresh in my mind, as though this happened just yesterday only. I can still remember well every bits of the graduation ceremony, and the moment I stepped onto the stage, shaking hand with Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing (my hand is cold as I was very nervous) and receiving the roll from him, and then in the middle paused a while for photographing. I will never forget that few seconds eventhough it’s already been a year ago. It’s one big part of my life, and I really treasured it. Even until now, there would be a smile on my face whenever I saw the photograph of me dressed smartly in graduation uniform together with my family. It’s so memorable. To all my juniors who have graduated, a big congratulation to you once again and I wish you to have a very successful path ahead!



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