It’s my 21st birthday!!!

December 4th is my birthday. And what is the date today? Exactly! It’s my birthday! And on this year’s December 4th, I’m officially 21 years old now. In my primary education, I successfully passed an exam that allows me to skip a year of study (that is the last year of the running of that particular exam called PTS which is then abolished), and hence from there on, all my friends I have known are at least a year older than me. I am always being known as the youngest in the class, but sometimes people would just find me immature. Okay,..sorry for that. It’s not my fault, it’s the issue of my age.

Most have passed through their 21st birthday quite a time ago. My eldest sister had her 21st birthday dinner over five years ago when my mother was still here. My second sister had a blast on her 21st birthday three years ago with huge number of friends she had (she is very social-friendly). Chinese tradition emphasizes on 21st birthday and Chinese would usually hold big party to celebrate it. However, due to the recent passing away of my beloved grandma, Chinese belief does not allow any celebration in my family for an entire year. Hence, for that reason, I had to pass through my 21st birthday in a unique way; simple and humble. There is no one to blame here, and anyway, I would still have many birthdays in future. So, no worry.


On my very special day today, I decided not to take any leave and proceed to work as usual. It’s another usual working day for me, just like the others. Of course, today is still my birthday no matter what, and so I didn’t had the mood to do works seriously just now. Sorry for being lack of productivity today. Anyway, most of the day had now been spent in office, and I only had the remaining time at night to enjoy a warm dinner with my family, to reply tens of Facebook wishes, watch TV and doing other usual stuff as usual before going to sleep. That’s how my day goes. It’s certainly isn’t a blast to me, but I do still feel comfortable over such way to go through my 21st birthday. It’s not really a ‘big’ deal, man.

I am now officially 21 years old. That age means that I’m now officially a young adult, who is now eligible to enter casino, to do some other stuff and also qualified to vote on general election. But then, the government closed the registration already. Not my problem. It’s also the beginning of the time when I had to start seriously considering of my future, and also time to find a companion as always been told by my dad and my aunties and uncles. Ya la…ya la…no force please. Last but not least, I’m wishing myself here, Happy 21st Birthday! I’m looking forward for a successful, smooth and joyful years ahead! Ahha, before I end this post, I would like to say that I’m quite surprised that the Google Doodle today is wishing me Happy Birthday too! Lovely…



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