My AOD Favourites Awards 2012 Official Result

My home has Astro but we do not subscribe to Astro on Demand that provides latest Hong Kong dramas. That is why I couldn’t get to watch the live broadcast of My AOD Favourites Awards 2012 yesterday’s night which is only aired on Astro on Demand channel. But then, I stay updated too with Hong Kong’s latest series. The Malaysia’s My Astro on Demand Favourites Awards 2012 was held yesterday at Sunway Convention Centre and was attended by 16 TVB artists, hence making it the award show with highest attendance of TVB artists held oversea (outside Hong Kong). The artists attending were Mandy Wong, Nancy Wu, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Moses Chan, Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Ron Ng, Koo Ming Wah as confirmed earlier. And then at that awards night, Kenneth Ma turned up surprisingly too, making up to 16 in total, and all of them are heavyweight artists.


Well, their presence at that night actually is a confirmation that everyone of them would be receiving at least an award from a total of 26 awards given out. It acts as an early prize for them before another round of much serious battle at the upcoming TVB 45th Anniversary Awards 2012 to be held on 17th December at Hong Kong. I was glad that this Malaysia’s awards presentation is getting bigger in scale and more popular, and that it is able to invite so many popular artists to the country. However, I find the number of awards presented is a bit too much, making the awards appear so easy to be given out to as many individuals as possible and unchallenging. Hence, I prefer the awards for top 15 drama characters to be reduced to top 10 or even only top 5.

Without wasting any more time, I would post the official result here below with my overall comments in the end. Before that, you can view the nomination list of this awards released quite a long time ago from one of my earlier posts found in my blog here too. By the way, congratulation to all the winners, and may this awards presentation gets more and more popularity and broadcast live to all Astro subscribers (unlike now showing only to Astro on Demand subscribers).


My Favourite Drama Series
“The Hippocratic Crush”

My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role
Kenneth Ma (“The Hippocratic Crush”)

My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role
Tavia Yeung (“The Hippocratic Crush”)

5th Anniversary: My Favourite Classic Role
Michael Tse (“E.U.”)

My Favourite Actor in a Supporting Role
Him Law (“The Hippocratic Crush”)

My Favourite Actress in a Supporting Role
Nancy Wu (“Gloves Come Off”)

My Favourite On Screen Couples
Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung (“The Hippocratic Crush”)

My Favourite Promising Actor
Oscar Leung (“L’Escargot”)

My Favourite Promising Actress
Mandy Wong (“L’Escargot”)

My Favourite Drama Song
Raymond Lam (“Highs and Lows”)

My Favourite Top 15 Drama Characters
Him Law (“The Hippocratic Crush”)
Ron Ng (“L’Escargot”)
Linda Chung (“Witness Insecurity”)
Kate Tsui (“Highs and Lows”)
Michael Tse (“Sergeant Tabloid”)
Kenneth Ma (“The Hippocratic Crush”)
Roger Kwok (“Queens of Diamonds and Hearts”)
Tavia Yeung (“The Hippocratic Crush”)
Raymond Lam (“Highs and Lows”)
Wayne Lai (“The Confidant”)
Kevin Cheng (“Gloves Come Off”)
Bosco Wong (“Witness Insecurity”)
Myolie Wu (“Ghetto Justice II”)
Ruco Chan (“No Good Either Way”)
Moses Chan (“Master of Play”)

My Favourite “Outstanding” Popularity King
Koo Ming Wah (“Divas in Distress”)


Many others have voiced out their satisfaction and positive feedbacks over this result, saying that this result is much pleasing to major audiences, compared to TVB’s decision that is too biased to certain artists or dramas in their awards presentation. Finally, Kenneth Ma took the best actor (most favourite actor in leading role)! His hard work is paid off. Sorry to Raymond Lam, as I find Kenneth performed better this year as Yat Kin in The Hippocratic Crush. Tavia Yeung is likeable as Zi Yu at the same series too, so giving best actress for her isn’t a problem as she had been in acting career longer than her other threatening opponent, Kate Tsui as a controversial drug queen in Highs and Lows. But at TVB awards 2012, I see that Kate Tsui had a higher chance. Yes, on-screen couples goes to Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung in the same series. They are so compatible and had chemistry together in the series. Love them both. Drama song goes to Raymond Lam for his theme at Highs and Lows. Well, that’s a good song but I still prefer the theme song for The Hippocratic Crush by Joey Yung. However, since The Hippocratic Crush sweep most of the awards, and so one major one is left for Highs and Lows. I am very happy that The Hippocratic Crush did so well eventhough it is aired earlier this year. Too bad, Michelle Yim didn’t get any award from The Confidant (and yet, Wayne Lai did). I hope she gets one but this awards gave disadvantage to The Confidant as it hasn’t finish airing yet. For favourite actor in supporting role, I actually prefer Power Chan over Him Law for his wonderful performance at The Confidant, but like I said earlier, many Malaysian audiences have voted even before the release of The Confidant. Well, can they broadcast this awards presentation on Channel Wah Lai Toi (311) soon? I want to watch it eventhough it’s over.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


9 Responses to “My AOD Favourites Awards 2012 Official Result”

  1. How well does Astro predict TVB Awards? Ans: Not very well. Stats here

    I also hope The Confidant is better rewarded at TVB. I’m really enjoying it right now and it’s one of the best series this year. Agree with you on theme song, but Joey will never show up to receive award so they awarded it to Raymond, but his song is not bad either.

  2. do you know any website that view the whole award presentation?

  3. if any idea to gt the full 1 pls inform me..really interested

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on scuola di lingua.

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