Movie review: Life of Pi (2012)

Following a very much overwhelming positive feedbacks to this film and with interest shown even from my family side, we decided to spend Sunday’s afternoon on this movie; ‘Life of Pi’ directed by famous director, Ang Lee. The film which is based on a novel of the same name tells the story of a young man who survives a ship disaster hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away alone in the ocean, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor … a fearsome Bengal tiger.


The film started off very slow with unnecessary lengthy parts shown. The starting credit is a bit taking too long and irrelevant by showing off many different species of animals which then plays no role to the following story in the film. It’s like a false indication that I’m going to watch a z00 film rather than a survival film. Then, the film proceeds to concentrate on the character’s development of Piscine Patel, or simply known as Pi from his childhood years. That segment is also delivered unnecessarily long and boring while at the same time, I find things to get very slow. When will I see Pi stranded on the boat with the tiger?


Finally, after over half an hour, then only I began to engage with the film after the ship sinks and sympathetically, he lost all his family members on board the ship. Things started to get quite interesting from there on, after Pi realizes that he is not alone in the boat. A zebra, hyena, and an orang utan are there too on the boat. However, it is the fearsome Bengal tiger that freaks Pi the most. From there on, we get to see some interesting moments between Pi and the tiger. And one more thing, it’s quite shocking during several scenes when the tiger suddenly jumped out. It would be much pathetic if you watch those scenes in 3D.

Then, the film focuses on how both of them survives while Pi has to take into extra consideration of his companion whom is a carnivorous and that Pi can be the tiger’s meal too. Well, this on the other hand keeps him busy to plan a number of stuff that lifts his hope and strength for survival in such situation. Most importantly, from the film, I also get to learn many useful life principles. Despite being in such a horrible situation, we get to see also the beautiful or funny sides in the film. I do feel from Pi’s situation in the film. So, the movie successfully engages the audiences, aided also by the spectacular and breathtaking visuals. The visual is so impressive and wonderful that I will refer it as a work of masterpiece. The visuals would be much majestic if seen in 3D.


This film would be much better if it’s in one and a half hour rather than in full two hours. Some scenes are really draggy and unnecessary. I don’t really like the ending. It’s like posing another question on which story to believe, the one with truth but illogically driven or the one logically correct but in fact it’s not the truth. Then, it’s like up to us to view it. The ending is a bit complicated. I would rather have it in simple yet emotional way that would ends the story well. Overall, it is a good movie but judging from my own perspective, it’s not as good as what most other critics have said. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Life of Pi’ a total of 7.1.

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