Ilham Baru Tower, a soon-to-be addition to tall buildings in Kuala Lumpur

Eventhough Kuala Lumpur (KL) has much lesser buildings compared to other mega cities like Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai or Tokyo, but the city stands out due to its impressive skyline (ranked no. 8 in the world) and is home to the world tallest twin buildings, Petronas Twin Towers. Besides that, the city has also a number of highrises, having over 10 buildings that reach above 200 metres in high. However, there isn’t much beautiful buildings or structures with amazing design found in this capital of Malaysia.

Ilham Baru Tower ( New Inspiration Tower) would be certainly an exception to that.


The design is striking and visually appealing. It is a skyscraper project comprises of office and residences under construction along Jalan Binjai near KLCC. Once completed, the building would have 58 floors and would rise to 274 metres. It is also speculated that the tower would goes up to 300 metres. The estimated year of completion would be on 2014 and if completed, the building would be the fourth tallest in Malaysia. It is designed by Foster and Partners (lead by famous architect, Norman Foster) whom have previously designed a tall and iconic residential towers (Troika) located nearby too.

I am in awe by the renderings of the building, and now I wish that the building once built would look much the same with what’s appear in the renderings. It’s a cool building, and at one point, I find the design of the building resembles a bit like the much taller Bank of China at Hong Kong. It would be much better and outstanding if the building is taller, since height plays a role too. But anyway, this is also considered tall already. I will share some of the renderings here from skyscrapercity forum, but not much. For more beautiful renderings of the building, you can go to the skyscrapercity forum discussing on this topic: From there, you can check on its up-to-date construction progress too. bg02




Not only the exterior looks stunning, the interior looks very contemporary and good too. I would love to have a visit to this building once built, but usually I won’t be allowed to do so unless I’m a staff or resident in there. KL seriously needs more buildings with outstanding design like this one. Currently, the construction progress of this building is quite slow, but I think by next year, the building would rise very fast and then, the city’s skyline would be changed again.


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