Everything on TVB now: The TVB Sales Presentation 2013

Every year at around this time of the year, TVB would introduce to the media on upcoming projects and series planned for next year through sales presentation event. This is the event where many artists attend to get close to media and business executives, while at the same time promoting themselves to become one of the hot favourite artists. Year 2012 is almost coming to an end and it’s time for TVB to hold its sales presentation and they did it like two weeks ago if I’m not mistaken. This is also the time when I would write quite a number of posts on TVB stuff that are able to gain my blog increasing number of views.


The clip of the sales presentation is only available recently and I had watched the promotional trailers of some upcoming planned dramas for next year. Some might not be getting a ‘yes’ to proceed for filming while some is already in filming progress. Overall, I find the planned dramas for next year aren’t interesting or appealing to me. There isn’t any new particular drama introduced that is able to catch my attention at this moment. It seems that in recent years, TVB really runs out of good idea to make a good drama like what we have seen from some of their earlier works several years ago. Too bad…many of their famous artists decided to pursue their career in mainland China that promises more profit. Furthermore, TVB also received criticism for treating several artists badly and only emphasized on full-contract artists.


Some trailers are even done so badly that it doesn’t indicates things in order at all unless you take the time to read the description (suggesting plot) which TVB would usually change most of it in the end. So its quite pointless. Things just get messed up and all I can say is that many trailers are bad in quality. It’s too simply done without successfully suggesting how the story goes that would invites us to catch up with it next year. No…nothing. The trailers are boring and from there on, I didn’t expect much from TVB for next year’s series. Well, they are filming Triumph In The Skies 2 and I’m looking forward to that also, since its predecessor is quite a big success. For War and Beauty 2, I’m going for it too taking the consideration of the fame its predecessor had achieved earlier in 2004. TVB, give us some surprise with new dramas with big hit!

I’m not here to talk on the bad things TVB had in recent years. TVB still produced some good dramas in recent years but are in very minimal number. For year 2012, I only find ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ the best series of the year so far, and congratulation to the series for winning Most Favourite Series Award at the recent My AOD Favourites Awards 2012 held in Malaysia. Hope this series would do well in the upcoming TVB 45th Anniversary Awards too, to be held on 17th December at Hong Kong. Well, I’m looking forward to its sequel planned next year; The Hippocratic Crush 2 which saw addition of Lawrence Ng. Long time didn’t see him in drama and it would be quite refreshing to see him back as a professional doctor in this medic-based drama. Other than that, I find most of the other series aren’t interesting and I only watch some of them just to pass through my night’s time for a bit of entertainment.

At this point, if you would ask me to choose the top 3 dramas of the year, on which I believe would also gets into top 5 nomination for best series on the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards; they would be The Hippocratic Crush of course, The Confidant (one of the two anniversary series of the year) and the highly controversial Highs and Lows. But these three are still far behind if compared to earlier masterpiece of TVB like Rosy Business, Moonlight Resonance, War and Beauty, Heart of Greed, etc.6597649209284312248 To watch the trailers of several planned dramas next year, you can go to this website: http://hkstarz.com/tvb-45th-anniversary-sales-presentation-series-for-2013/. You would be disappointed by their sales presentation clip, just like me (except the one showing The Hippocratic Crush 2).

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3 Responses to “Everything on TVB now: The TVB Sales Presentation 2013”

  1. You’re right about how this year’s “masterpieces” don’t compare with previous years. Although I disagree with you that MR and HOG are masterpieces. I think those were overrated. I like watching the sales pres, it gives fans something to look forward too. But you’re right about how most of the stories change anyways. And yeah, some clips don’t even make sense, like wtf was with that Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon one?

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