Happy December 2012! Let’s enjoy the last month of the year before the world ends! (Just joking)

The last month of the year has finally arrived! It’s December 2012 now! The passing of this year is like within a blink of an eye. Things seems to go very fast. The memory of visiting India early this year was still fresh in my mind, not realizing that it’s almost a year after already from that oversea trip. And in around two months later, we would be heading to Europe for the next oversea trip during Chinese New Year break. And in a month later, we would be welcoming and celebrating yet another new year. And in few more days, I would officially turns 21. And in few more years, I would get married, have kids and own family…and in few more….and so on…

This whole year is almost coming to an end. And it’s time for us to look back on what we have done or achieved for this year, and then sets a target for better goals next year. For me, I would only summarized the major things I have done or happened to me this year somewhere later in a post before the end of the month. Besides that, as usual, I would produce a post highlighting on major events or occasions that took place in this year, acting like a re-cap of what were the big things of the year. It’s like some kind of concluding posts to end the year on which I will write usually on the last week of the year.

There is a goal for me before the end of the year. I would have 25 more posts to go before the record-breaking 1100th-post achievement. I think I can achieve that, since there is usually more stuff for me to write on in the last month of the year. I will make that as the last goal of my blog of the year. On this month also, I would be celebrating my 21st birthday, officially marking my first step to the young adult generation. Well, that’s the age that would allows me to vote for general election in my country, to place bet in lottery, to gamble, etc.

Well, this is also the month where many would enjoy their holiday before the arrival of new year when everything would comes to a start again. It’s also festive season as usual, as Christmas would be celebrated on this month, a week before new year greeting. There is no winter here in Malaysia, but still we kind off making the festival big by having amazing decorations in malls. In conjunction with this Christmas festive and holiday season, my blog’s header of the month would be based on it. The design is very direct yet presenting my intention/greeting in a very clear, comprehensive and comfortable way . (Image source: http://www.keevilandkeevil.co.uk/images/christmas-draw-header.jpg. )Actually, my blog’s header for December every year would be concentrating on Christmas. Christmas is just nice! You can view another copy of the header below. Click on the image for larger and clearer version.

december 2012 blog header

Last but not least, have a nice and happy December! The rumour that the world will ends according to Mayan calendar isn’t true after all. Our days continue, and there is 2013 for us to welcome very soon! Enjoy the last month of the year before 2012 ends.


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