The elder generation gets older, and the young ones are not us anymore

It’s Friday night after work! Cool…After the annoying traffic congestion and downpour, I’m finally back home. But then, not long after that, I have to be out to attend my cousin’s son one-month old celebration. If possible, I would not miss any gathering like this as this is the only opportunity I can see most of my relatives whom some I have not seen for such a long time. It’s very seldom for such gathering unless there is a big occasion. And the most important thing is that it’s always great to catch up back with your uncles and aunties, and cousins.

Relatives from my father’s side isn’t much. It’s like almost none. Both my grandparents had passed away and my dad had only a younger brother who isn’t married. Luckily, me and my sisters still have a lot of relatives, thanks to my mother’s side. First of all, I has a lot of uncles and aunties, thus a lot of cousins too. All of them are older than me, as my mother is the youngest among her siblings. So, for all the time, I find myself being the youngest and I’m comfortable with that position all that long. But then, from just now during the buffet dinner with my relatives again after not seeing for such a long time, I find something very different.

I’m no longer in the younger generation. Most in the same generation as mine were already married while some others already found their companion. Some even had children already, whom eventually would call me uncle. So now, after a bit of calculation, I find myself already being uncle to 10 persons, and soon uncle to 11 persons (one even older than me). I couldn’t admit I’m in younger generation already. It’s now my cousin’s and my eldest sister’s kids that formed the younger generation, while I get advanced to the middle generation. That gives another meaning; I’m getting old too. Ehh, wait…I am only 20 now (would turn 21 in few more days only). Okay…okay la…I will take it. I am now an elder to so many people already.

So just now, I saw a few things. My uncles and aunties were getting much older, getting around within themselves with a lot of topics to talk and trying to engage with us. My generation; my cousins would just be focusing on their companion, taking a look over what’s their kids are doing, silently looking at phones and a bit of chit-chat. The younger generation; running around, playing with each other like there is no tomorrow. Few decades later, it would be our turn to be in the position of the elder generation…it’s like a cycle, from generation to generation. Time flies…sometimes, I would just wish to return to my childhood years when there are still so many years to come.


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