What an exhausting week…oh, next week is my 21st birthday!

This last week of November isn’t easy to go through. Luckily, tomorrow is already Friday and there goes the end of the month. I have been waiting for the weekend for so long, and it’s coming soon. After this weekend, my 21st birthday is going to be just around the corner. No big or grand birthday party is going to be held (it’s usual for people to celebrate their 21st birthday big) but not me as the recent passing away of my grandma does not allow for celebration in a year according to Chinese belief. Okay…even a small birthday treat would be fine for me.

Let’s talk on things happening this week to me then. Don’t go that far yet to what’s up for next week. I just tried my best to enjoy my last weekend as I already knew it’s going to be hard time finishing everything in one or the most, two days as deadline is coming up for one of my projects. Even staying back till night isn’t enough as I get ‘more’ than that in return (something else that I find it disturbing and interrupting my mind whole night long). But I just get too tired without much energy left, and so I had a good sleep on Monday’s night (without thinking much more, my brain can’t afford to do that), even when the deadline is on Tuesday.

Luckily, I still able to meet my deadline, and so beginning Wednesday, I can start to relax a bit after a very tiring Monday and Tuesday. Even that, I still find myself quite exhausted and I am already feeling very sleeping when the clock only shows 9pm every night. So, recently, I tend to sleep very early, but still find I’m lacking of sufficient rest. Ahh…great, tomorrow is finally Friday, and after work, I had to attend a buffet dinner organized in conjunction of my cousin’s son reaching one month old. After that, I’m gonna put myself into energetic and good mood for the weekend and to be going through my humble birthday happily despite not being celebrated big.

Ahh, the Malaysia’s My Astro on Demand Favourites Awards is going to be held this weekend and I learnt from news that around 15 TVB artists would attend this annual awards presentation. Well, that 15 artists are certainly going to receive award respectively already. I’m not able to get any tickets or watch it live, but I will update the results over here after the show which is seen also as an early indication of the big winners on upcoming much prestigious TVB Anniversary Awards. Okay…that’s it for now. It’s not Friday’s night yet. I have to get to bed early as tomorrow is still a working day.


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