China is to build new world’s tallest building in 90 days? Wow! This is madness.

Yes, yes….It’s no joke. A company called ‘Broad Sustainable Building’ has announced to the media and public that it is going to build the new world tallest building, 10 metres higher than the current world tallest, Burj Khalifa which is also the current world tallest man made structure ever erected. And a much crazier thing about the plan is that the new world tallest building would be built in only 90 days! That is what I call total ‘madness’. Can they really do it?


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Here is an article I have read regarding the news to build the new world tallest building at China in only 90 days. There are many news spreading about it, and it’s not a rumour as confirmed. Here it is below, obtained from the following source:

China has embraced the challenge of putting up the world’s tallest building in only 90 days. The 838-meter skyscraper, dubbed Sky City, is set to house 17,400 people as well as a hotel, a hospital, several schools, offices and apartments. Construction workers from the Broad Sustainable Building company are expected to build at a rate if five stories a day to meet the deadline. To speed the process up, they will reportedly use the ‘prefabrication’ technique in which blocks of the building are constructed offsite and then pieced together. 

The skyscraper, located in Hunan Province’s capital Changsha, will feature over 100 high-speed elevators, and is expected to be able to withstand a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. When completed, the building will be 10 meters taller than the Dubai landmark Burj Khalifa, the world’s current tallest building, which took five years to build. China’s Sky City is set to cost half as much as the Burj – about $630 million. China-based Broad Sustainable Building will employ several thousand workers for the ambitious project. The company has already built 16 structures in China, including a 30-story hotel constructed in 15 days.


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What do you think of this project? I find it too ambitious, and that the city, Changsha (which is much less popular than other famous growing cities in China)’s economy does not need such a tall and huge building. It is quite inappropriate to build it. I think the aim is just to challenge something without thinking of its impact and that this new building would gives not much benefit. Building the 220-storey building in 90 days? Seriously? I am questioning its stability and strength. Really, China don’t need to do this to show off. And furthermore, it’s not a distinctive or appealing design. It’s only a very plain and massive building.

I have also read some news that this project has been approved by the government, and the construction would probably commence by December, and according to the crazy schedule, the tower would be completed by March 2013. If this thing really gets a go, then Burj Khalifa will lost its title of world tallest very soon, which is quite unexpected. I thought earlier that the iconic Burj Khalifa would at least stays with the title for a decade. Now, China pose a challenge. If this Sky City One project really is to get built, then I would get myself updated over its construction progress, and anticipating for its completion. A crazy idea to a crazy building with a crazy record of 90-days time frame for completion. Usually, it would gets at least five years to get such a tall and massive building like this done.


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