Hong Kong Open 2012: Malaysia in two finals, but lost out both to China.

Lee Chong Wei is back in action after his wedding with Wong Mew Choo early this month. Hong Kong Open 2012 is his first outing after getting a long break in preparation for his wedding, and he haven’t even had the time for honeymoon with his newly-wed wife. Perhaps he is already absent from training for quite some time, and hence his performance dropped slightly as seen from his game in the final match against Chen Long just now at the Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Open 2012 that concluded few hours ago.


(Image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pc-NzL222zc/UK8ejTWUmKI/AAAAAAAACPU/vId2GeGZ4vs/s1600/banner+logo+badminton+hong+kong+open+2012.jpg)

And so, he lost out unexpectedly to Chen Long in two straight games. I have watched a bit of the match and it’ quite a neck-to-neck game but luck seems to go on Chen Long’s side. In previous meetings, Lee Chong Wei won the most. But on this meeting, he lost it, and that made Chen Long to became so joyous and happy to have defeated the current world ranked number one men single player. There is a saying that once a badminton player gets married, his quality of play would drop as time goes. One of the best examples for that would be Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia. He had won Athens 2004 Olympic Games, but after he got married, he is not much seen again in finals of many tournaments due to poor performance. So, it seems to be the same pattern to Chong Wei for now.

Or maybe it’s not. Let’s hope it’s not so that Malaysia still stands a chance for a gold medal in men single badminton in future Asian Games or Olympic Games. Lee Chong Wei has to get back on ground for intensive training so that his solid performance returns. It is quite unlikely that Chen Long can beat him, and he had done it today, and so there must be something wrong on Malaysian side. Congratulation to Chen Long. He seems to perform better and better in tournaments, and he is seen as a great replacement to China once Lin Dan retired. But wait, where is Lin Dan on this championship? Perhaps he is still enjoying married life as he was also just getting married few months ago.

Okay, fine…Chong Wei lost the final this time. We still have the men doubles from Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. But who are their opponents? Ahh! China again, by Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng. Another very strong opponent, which I already expected that it must be a tough match for this Malaysian pair whom have not won any title for such a long time already. Pity them. Their performance just went downhill in recent years and it’s so disappointing. Their superb style of play back in 2006-2008 just gone, and no where to be found! As predicted, they lost out to the much better China’s team in two straight games as well. They did take lead in middle of games but still gets defeated in the end. Anyway, without the presence of Malaysia’s team, it would be all China vs. China in all the five finals today at Hong Kong Open 2012. That would be quite boring. But now the result seems to make not much difference, as China won all the five finals, which again indicating their supremacy over this sport.


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