SSSS started to get boring, TC is doing well so far.

You must be questioning what is ‘SSSS’ and ‘TC’. SSSS stands for ‘Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles’ and TC stands for ‘The Confidant’. Both are the two anniversary dramas for TVB this year released at the month of the company’s 45th anniversary celebration before the awards ceremony in the middle of December. Since the title of the dramas is quite long and there is no point of writing it again and again, so I will just shorten it as ‘SSSS’ and ‘TC’. Easy…

I have been looking forward to ‘TC’ months before its release. Hence, before that, I have nothing else to watch from TVB dramas and so I decided to watch ‘SSSS’ as well. SSSS started off very well with a highly potential background of a family with three wives (later four) set in Hong Kong many decades ago when it is still under British sovereignty. We get to see quite a number of intense moments, some interesting social issues raised, matters within the huge family itself, and also some highly controversial intimate scenes. Wow…this is good, and so I continued until after Episode 10 when my perception towards the series changed.

The series is going downhill. There isn’t any fuss going around from this drama as the story progresses. Hence, the drama fails to retain the higher number of audiences as seen on its first two weeks, looking from the tv rating report. The drama feels like there isn’t ‘drama’ in it at all. Everything is just plain and boring. I feel like dropping it off my watch list now, but then since I watched over half of the whole 40-episodes long series, I don’t wish to give up in the middle of it. Furthermore, there isn’t any breakthrough from several notable casts from this drama, particularly over the hot favourite for TV Queen (best actress) this year, Tavia Yeung. Her portrayal is ordinary so far, and that is not enough to make her to win this award for the year.

Luckily, there is still TC that saves the day. Eventhough there is still nothing much extreme or climatic going on from the drama, but it has a certain quality that put its way far above SSSS. Budget plays a role here. With the filming taking place at Hengdian World Studio where a whole replica of Forbidden City is built, things get truly formal and above rank, accompanied with amazing costumes and headdress for that Chinese dynasty where the story sets. The presence of the group of eunuchs with interesting collaborations and dramas gives a new breath to dramas set in palace background where only scheming between concubines is the only issue.

Power Chan did exceptionally amazing as Sam Shun in TC. His expression and interesting way of talking steals the show. For me, he is certainly going to win Best Supporting Actor this year. Sorry to Koo Ming Wah as So Gay in ‘Divas in Distress’ whom is seen as hot favourite earlier. Wayne Lai, as usual delivered a very solid performance and I find he is more suitable in historical-period dramas like this one, or earlier in Rosy Business and No Regrets. So, he still stays competitive on his run for Best Actor this year (he had won it twice in 2009 and 2010).


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The character that I like the most as of current from TC must be the Empress Dowager Cixi, a very influential figure in China’s history. This highly important character is portrayed by the veteran actress, Michelle Yim who turned out to be one of my favourite TVB actresses too. She looks impressive (and so much younger) with the make-up, headdress and costumes on, and that really makes her looking like a true royal figure. Doesn’t believe that she is 57, by looking from her appearance in this drama. I really enjoyed her performance in the drama. Eventhough there isn’t any extravagant expression from her (there shouldn’t be as a royal figure like her should hold up her emotion in those situations), and Michelle did that extremely well. I believe not many can do that kind of acting and that Michelle’s acting from that particular aspect is outstanding.

There is one very memorable scene at the ending of Episode 14 when she walks off the room in sudden after a very powerful slight expression, with such a hard feeling of loneliness concealed within herself. I don’t wish to explain more on that particular scene. You have to watch it yourself. There is no line spoken from her at that moment at all, but the highlight is definitely on her. It’s such an amazing scene. The impact is great with her performance in TC particularly from that scene. I’m looking forward to more breakthrough and impressive stuff from her so that she stands well in the race for TV Queen this year (eventhough she won it before back in 2008, but I hope she win again…ahh, the current one person one vote system isn’t in favour of her). I also wish the story to go more dramatic and exciting as it progresses. Currently, TC has a high chance of winning Best Series too.


2 Responses to “SSSS started to get boring, TC is doing well so far.”

  1. Kudos to you for sticking with SSSS, I gave up at ep 5. Not my type to begin with. The Confidant is certainly a great drama so far. You can read Historical Context about the drama here: There’s also the rare SSSS Historical Context post too.

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