Yesterday’s TVB 45th Anniversary Gala Show 2012 is so boring!

TVB’s annual anniversary gala is the only chance every year to see most of  TVB artists gathering together to celebrate TVB’s birthday with multiple performances, competitions and lucky draws. I have been watching its gala show every year since 2008 and I was quite excited yesterday after I reached home from work yesterday’s evening. The TVB 45th Anniversary Gala Show was broadcast live yesterday’s night. But after watching the show in two and a half hours, I am seriously disappointed.

The show was so flat and plain boring. The first few minutes showing the clip introducing the height TVB had achieved so far is quite impressive and that is an obvious sign to show to TVB’s other rising competitors at Hong Kong how successful and experienced they are. Next, as usual, we see all the attending artists lined up in front to greet TV audiences, together with the welcoming of the same usual emcees of the night, four big brothers and sisters (Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan) and several others. Then, the show officially started. Before that, a drum and dance performance by famous artists is delivered at TVB’s studio city. It’s a good start…Sir Run Run Shaw (the founder of TVB) isn’t present. He is too old, not able to make it to the show probably.


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Next, we have several artists singing some very famous theme songs from dramas in 1980s to recent years. Some songs are really classic. Then, things started to get boring. The acrobatic performance by the females over the net is nothing! Only very little stunt is performed from this segment, particularly from Kate Tsui whom is in highlight on this show, indicating that she had a big chance of winning on the upcoming anniversary awards. Where is Tavia and Michelle, the two other strong competitors for best actress this year? Really, there is nothing interesting at all from this lengthy show!

There is definitely a segment for the Fuk Luk Sau (three Gods); Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen and Johnson Lee. And it is disappointing that they didn’t really provide us any entertainment or funny stuff this time as I’m expecting hilarious things from them. Even the part of parody to the two anniversary dramas, ‘The Confidant’ and ‘Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles’ is unappealing. Well, I do still had a little laugh over the four actors (Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, Moses Chan, and Michael Tse) acting as four wives based on ‘Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles’ drama. That is the only funny thing I saw from the whole show.

Even the sketch this year isn’t entertaining or funny. The idea of having a baby care center with Eric Tsang portraying as the nanny to babies (Moses Chan and King Kong) with dramas between them should be interesting. The way they tried to put things to make us laugh is too brainless and plain in the end. Eric Tsang is as usual throwing those powder stuff or liquid, bullying and acting real harsh to other artists (poor King Kong and Moses Chan). Nothing special. Then, for the audiences (us), we don’t really care who wins at the several lucky draws from this show. There is too much of things exaggerated from that part which I find it quite annoying. This year’s gala show emphasizes a lot on introducing new young artists, rather than treating the show as a true celebration of what TVB had achieved so far. A big letdown. A poor show.


2 Responses to “Yesterday’s TVB 45th Anniversary Gala Show 2012 is so boring!”

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  2. Vincent, I totally agree with you on this one. It’s just that TVB tends to play favorites with their artists and this will only satisfy those fanboys and fangirls who are under the age of 18. Heck, I even ranted about the crap quality myself. And what really set me off the most was Eric Tsang’s mean and rude behavior. It’s just not something I want to watch. It should be, like you said, about celebrating the artists and success of the shows and to have fun.

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