Oh my God, my car is stolen!

This is no joke. I just lost my car today. Serious. I have my car parked at side of road as usual along with many other cars at noon. Then, by 6pm when I get down to get my car, it’s missing! I had a shock! I just keep searching at the surrounding, hoping that I would see my car nearby eventhough I knew right at that time that my car was already stolen. No…there is no sign of my car. I even asked security guard house nearby and a person from a TM kiosk nearby and their reply isn’t positive. The crime level over here in Malaysia is going to a very high and unacceptable level.

It’s not that I abandon my car for over a day or few days; I have only left it there in less than six hours, and then it’s gone. It’s just a Proton Saga, not an expensive branded car. Why the hell would you want to steal it? It looks dirty too. Furthermore, I had it locked, and even the sterling is locked as well, and someone out there successfully get over it. My alarm is working, but I didn’t hear anything at all this afternoon. That person must be brilliant on doing all these things without being noticed. And that place is at a junction road where many cars would have pass through. Haiz…I can’t do anything now, it’s already happened.

I was in shock just now, but I didn’t have any panic feeling. I find there is no point for me to get panic. I can’t find my car, then it’s confirmed the car is lost and that someone stole it. I immediately contacted my dad for assistance and we went to make police report, and I have only just returned after a very late dinner. What a hectic and day of bad luck to me. There are so many cars there, which many are much more better looking than mine, but in the end, it’s my car that is ‘chosen’. Now, I started to miss my car, eventhough there is nothing precious in there except the car itself. Aiyo…car is gone!..How ya? There is a bond between me and my car, and now I don’t even know its’ location and fate.

Ahh, now my dad has to wait for insurance claim which is going to take several months at least. And the worst thing is that I have no transportation now, which is very difficult for me to get out for food or to get to work everyday. This seriously affects my daily life. Have to start thinking on all these things without my own transportation that I used to have. Last year, my laptop is stolen. This year is far worst, a whole car is gone! Life is bad for me. I wonder what I will lose next year?! Damn…to the person who stole my car; #%^**%$^$#&*=. The God knew what you have done. That’s it.


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