Yes..another public holiday! Happy Awal Muharram to all Muslims…

This week is amazing! Not only that there is a public holiday that falls within this week, but it’s two in the same week. Two days ago, we had the Deepavali celebration, the Festival of Light for the Indians and now on this day, it’s the celebration of Awal Muharram for the Malays. There isn’t any Monday blues at all for this week since Tuesday is a holiday for Deepavali. And then, there isn’t any pressure of returning back to work on Wednesday as another holiday falls on Thursday which is this Awal Muharram.

I’m not involved in any of these two festivals as I’m a Chinese, but there is of course joy for having to enjoy several holidays, all in one week. Just lovely. And furthermore, I’m taking an annual leave this Friday, hence I am now off from work from Thursday till Sunday, before returning back to office next Monday. What a way to end this week. I believe many would be taking leave this week too, as I have seen much lesser cars on roads nowadays. Furthermore, it’s the beginning of the one and a half month long end-year school break too.

Hmm…at first, I don’t really know what Awal Muharram is, up until when I asked one of my Malay colleagues yesterday. It’s actually a new year celebration for the Muslims, but it’s not that emphasized (not a major festival) compared to Hari Raya Puasa and Haji. Even the Indians also didn’t emphasize much on their new year celebration (which is usually in April every year) but more on Deepavali, or simply known as Diwali. But for us, the Chinese, our most major festival would be the Chinese New Year (usually in February every year) or known as Spring Festival over at China.

Eventhough Awal Muharram isn’t a really big deal or a much happening festival, it’s still symbolic to mark the beginning of a new year in Muslim calendar. If you are taking the opportunity of long break to return to hometown (balik kampung), then I wish you to have a safe and pleasant journey home. Enjoy this day with your family and friends! Salam Maal Hijrah. For the others, Happy Holiday of course! It’s time to take a break AGAIN, and do whatever you missed out in your previous holiday. If not, you have to wait till Christmas for the next public holiday.


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Happy Awal Muharram to all Muslims. It’s a new year of 1434 Hijrah for the Muslims! Happy New Year to them! For the Indians, let me extend my Deepavali greeting to you once again. Let the festive mood continues till the end of this week. Enjoy, rest and have fun!


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