Happy Deepavali! May you have a great Festival of Light for the year 2012.

Happy Deepavali to all Hindus!

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That’s one of the good things to live in Malaysia. You get to live in a multiracial country with people of different skin colour, and yet we still stay together in peace and harmony. Hence, you are exposed to more variety of cultures and traditions as compared to many other countries where citizens are mostly of one major race. Then, we get to have more public holidays! In Malaysia, there are three main races; Malays, Chinese and Indians. Deepavali is a major festival for the Indians, and eventhough I’m not involved anything at all to this (I’m Chinese), but I would take this opportunity too to wish all Malaysian Indians, Happy Deepavali! To others, Happy Holiday as well!

A one-day public holiday is dedicated for this festival. Some find it enough since Indians make up less than 10% of overall population of the country, while some find it unfair as the Malays had two-days public holiday for Hari Raya while the Chinese had also two days off for Chinese New Year. Hmm..this issue is quite sensitive, and there is never a 100% acceptability to any solutions proposed over this issue for the rights of Indians living in Malaysia. I don’t mind if Deepavali gets two-days of holiday. That is even better, as I can get one more day of break. Haha…

Indians are never to look down on, eventhough they are little in numbers in Malaysia. Many of them are hardworking workers or professional doctors, while some even made it to the list of wealthiest Malaysians (ex: Ananda Krishnan, owner of Astro, and currently second richest Malaysian). Their contribution to multiple sectors in Malaysia is priceless. Hence, Deepavali which is a major festival to them, should not be taken lightly on which I have seen now, which is saddening.

We have beautiful Chinese New Year decorations all over shopping malls and streets during Chinese New Year season. We enjoyed extra Raya break, toll and shopping discounts during Raya season. For Indians, I didn’t much being done to celebrate this major festival from the public. There is no major signboard for greeting this occasion. There is no major decoration put up in malls or streets to mark this Festival of Light. Yes, I do see ‘kolam’ displayed in several malls but those are just not grand or sufficient enough to showcase the importance of the festival. More attention is needed on this matter. You see…I find it quite unacceptable eventhough I’m not an Indian.

We live in the same country, and I do also hope for the best to Malaysians of other races, backgrounds or religions. Happy Deepavali, particularly to my Indian friends. May you enjoy and celebrate this Festival of Light full of happiness and joy with your family and friends! Ahha…heard quite a lot of fireworks from my neighbourhood just now. Must be having fun…It seems like the rain just now didn’t dampen the high spirit of celebrating Diwali! That’s great… It’s good also to live at 19th floor, you get to watch fireworks for free within a huge visible range.

(Image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iUKO-Lk555w/UKA9xpoHnGI/AAAAAAAAGgo/itkJWQASTVg/s1600/deepavali02-1.jpg)


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