Wedding of the year: Lee Chong Wei with Wong Mew Choo on 9th and 10th November 2012

Lee Chong Wei, the world number one men single badminton player and national icon was finally tying the knot with his girlfriend, Wong Mew Choo early this month. A big congratulation to both of them! Lee Chong Wei first announced few months earlier that he had planned to marry soon probably by next year. However, the wedding is brought earlier as one of Wong Mew Choo’s relatives had passed away recently and she had to marry within 100 days or wait three more years. Not to waste anymore time while not breaking the Chinese tradition, both of them then decided to tie the knot in November.


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They first met in 2001 when they were not popular and only perform as the back up national badminton team. Then, Lee Chong Wei rise to occasion after winning multiple titles and then ranked world number one player. Mew Choo on the other hand, manage to perform quite well too, particularly winning the China Open in a year. Then, she retired from badminton, but still remains by the side of Lee Chong Wei, giving him support no matter where he is competing at. Both of them had gone through a long 11 years in ups and downs, with even report of them breaking up in 2009. But fate reunited them together, and the bond between them grew stronger ever since then.

Lee Chong Wei reached 30 years of age and it’s certainly time for him to start his own family after enjoying many years of success in badminton. However, he will not stop on his career, but would continue on his pursuit for more titles, particularly eyeing on World Championships, Asian Games, and Olympic Games that he had never won before. It is reported that he will be back on court on upcoming Hong Kong Open and Macau Open in the end of this month. Hence, he mentioned that he would spend his honeymoon with his newly wed wife later.

The wedding of the year, is held in two days on November 9th and 10th, 2012. The wedding is of course organized in a very grand and spectacular scale as Chong Wei is the national icon and the two-days events would also be broadcast live to all Malaysians who are excited to watch a bit of their wedding despite not included in guest list. The first day of wedding dinner at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre saw the presence of the King and Queen, the Prime Minister and his deputy, as well as many other officials, ministers and corporates. Wow…so you see how high profile Chong Wei is. Today’s dinner which is at the same venue, would then be dedicated to the family members, relatives and close friends.


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Earlier, both of them have taken lovely wedding images at Sepang Gold Coast Golden Palm Tree Resort. And this is my first time seeing pictures of Chong Wei in formal attire and he certainly looks good on it. On the other hand, Mew Choo looks impressive with her gown on and the picturesque background certainly enhances the images. Anyway, congratulation again to Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo on their marriage. Their wedding is no doubt the nation’s wedding of the year.


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