Kids must have waited for this so long; their end year break begins!

Happy school holiday to all Malaysians pursuing primary or secondary education. I wouldn’t call them ‘kids’, as this would makes me feel older. But if I call them ‘youngsters’, then it makes me feel younger like them, but I’m already five years away from school (not counting university). Now, I tend to feel like pressing a rewind button so that I can return to the time when I was a student so I can start to enjoy this long end year break that would last one month and a half.

It’s quite unfair when students get to have long break like this while the adults had to continue working everyday, only to wait for arrival of public holidays. But well, people has to grow up, and my stage as a primary and secondary school kids is over. I have started venture into working world beginning middle of this year, and time flies very quick, as I have been working for almost half a year already, and then soon, I would have my 21st birthday, and then not long after, the year has to come to an end.

Well, the school holiday some sort of benefits me a little too actually. Number of cars on roads in the morning would be reduced which would cuts down the usual time required for me to get to work every early morning. Thus, this would gives me ten more minutes of sleep every weekdays onwards. Well, on this long holiday, the kids would be enjoying up until the arrival of year 2013 when a new schooling term begins. So good…for students taking SPM and STPM this year, good luck and all the best. Eventhough your holiday isn’t started yet (this is the time of pressure for them), but don’t get too stressful. Get over the exam and then, you are free!

Since next week is the beginning of the end year break which also coincides with two public holidays in the same week, many adults would take this opportunity to be on leave to spend holiday together. Hence, traffic congestion is somehow inevitable beginning this weekend as many would returns to hometown for this holiday season. Have a safe journey for those on roads, and last but not least, happy holiday again to all students! Enjoy the break and have fun! But just don’t get yourself too lazy around, and try to make your yourself useful on this last two months of the year by getting on your hobby, finding a part time job, reading books, or some other useful activities. Get yourself in better state to face the upcoming years.


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