Hanoi won bidding to host 2019 Asian Games

At the recent General Assembly of Olympic Council of Asia held at Macau, Hanoi is selected to host the 18th Asian Games in 2019 after winning the bid against Surabaya of Indonesia. There are three finalist candidates in the beginning; Hanoi of Vietnam, Surabaya of Indonesia and Dubai of United Arab Emirates. Looking from that, Dubai had a very high probability of being chosen to host the games. However, the city dropped out at last minute leaving only two candidates on the run for the hosting right of the games. The reason behind it is unknown. KL is not bidding? Ahh…expected.

Asian Games is held once every four years, in similar pattern to the Olympic Games. Asian Games, or simply known as Asiad governed by Olympic Council of Asia, is held two years before the next Summer Olympic Games. However, decision had been made earlier to push the games only a year before the Summer Olympic Games. Hence, after the 17th Asian Games at Incheon in 2014, the 18th edition would be in 2019 (not 2018). Congratulation to Hanoi of Vietnam for being selected to host this games in 2019, popularly known as the second largest sporting event in the world, just behind the Summer Olympic Games.

There is a high potential for the city of Hanoi or even the whole country of Vietnam to grow rapidly beginning these recent years. But well, it takes time. However, I believe by 2019, many things in Vietnam would have been better and that they could stage a wonderful games. By then, they would be much developed then. This games had been brought to much massive proportion on its previous edition in Guangzhou 2010. The games was awesome and fantastic. China is definitely capable and intellectual on showcasing brilliant stuff on its unforgettable opening and closing ceremonies not only from Beijing 2008 Olympic Games but also from Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games.

But wait…now even Hanoi would be the host to the Asian Games later. When is the turn for Kuala Lumpur? I find it very shameful and disappointing  for the much more developed capital of Malaysia, KL. KL lost bidding to this games twice, in 2006 to Doha and 2010 to Guangzhou. After that, KL just disappeared from bidding again by citing cost reason. Don’t tell me that KL had no money in this situation and now, even Hanoi had no financial problem over it. Shameful to the government that made such silly decision! KL had never hosted Asian Games which would usually bring much benefits to the country. And for your information, even Bangkok of Thailand had hosted the games for 5 times, if I’m not mistaken. KL, not even once! This is a major problem, our nation’s ‘face’ is gone! Oh…please, bring Asian Games, then Olympic Games to KL! All of us would love it! By the way, congratulation once again to Hanoi!

See you, Hanoi 2019!


3 Responses to “Hanoi won bidding to host 2019 Asian Games”

  1. Well, Dubai withdrew because there is no chance they going to win! The Vietnamese government put their hands into this and lobby for Hanoi.

    • vincentloy Says:

      hmm…but looking from capability wise, dubai is the front runner. there must be a more concerning reason behind their withdrawal. once dubai is out, it is no doubt hanoi will win since the other bidder isn’t strong enough to pose a challenge.

      • Hours before the vote, Hanoi victory was expected by the media in Macau. They also believed that Dubai would pull out before the poll as Hanoi is all but certain of winning the vote.
        Of course, there are some ‘good’ reasons for selecting Hanoi. The Indonesian Olympic committee actually told the media that Surabaya will win the vote, however, they only gain 14 votes in fact.
        Vietnam thougt of hosting Asiad 2019 since 2010 and started their campaigns since then. I believed that the Vietnamese government had lobbied and gained enough votes in early October, before they officially put Hanoi on the final list. This is not just a random poll as you see, behind the stage is a complex political game. On the surface, nobody though Hanoi going to win!
        It seem like Indonesian government didn’t put much effort into this bid, if they did, I’m sure Surabaya had a better chance!

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