Obama wins re-election, to continue the presidential term for another four years.

Barack Obama makes history again, by continuing on his second term of four years as the president of the United States of America. He previously succeeded George W. Bush to be the 44th president of USA back in 2008 after the election and the first African American to hold that highest position. Things aren’t going that successful or well during his first term when the country is still slow in economic recovery, facing high unemployment issue and the most recent impact of the Hurricane Sandy.

Well, on the other hand, under his term, the country’s greatest enemy, Osama bin Laden whom is believed to be the mastermind of 911 attacks was finally killed, he ended the war in Iraq, offering almost every Americans a health insurance, saving the US auto industry and contributed some other beneficial things to the country. For that several reasons, he successfully secured his winning on the presidential election this year which is called a moment ago despite facing a tough opponent, Mitt Romney of Republicans.

Obama became only the second Democrat to win a second four-year White House term since World War II. The president, who made history by becoming America’s first black president after a euphoric victory, carved a new precedent on Tuesday by defying the portents of a hurting economy to win a second term. It appears that majority of US citizens continue to show their support to the current president and did not put blame on him for not bringing their country out of economic slowdown quick.

Despite intense and close fight between the two contestants for the presidential post in debates on recent weeks, Obama still managed to clinch victory over this huge country by winning over 270 votes out of 538. Regarding the exact total number of votes he won, I’m clueless. You have to search for a much detailed news for further information on it. I only knew he won, after the preliminary official result is announced few hours ago. The campaign had been very successful for him, and he made it. Let’s hope he would do better and seriously taking action on saving the country out of economic depression it has been facing for quite a long time.

Now, when is our turn? It’s time for Malaysia (my country) to hold the next election already. The five-year term is almost coming to an end and yet our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hasn’t even announce the date of election yet. The term would ends by next April 2013. There had been many speculations over the date earlier but all are untrue. I probably knew the reason; our leader is afraid of change in government looking at current situation on how more and more people especially youngsters are in favour of the opposition. Haha…and of course, our Prime Minister is in hope to achieve result similar with we have seen today from US presidential election when the current leader retains the post. But I hope it’s the other way round for Malaysia! Haha…change is needed!

(Image and certain information from this post are from The Star Online and its photo gallery)


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