It’s the time of the year again to decide where to go on next Chinese New Year in 2013…Europe is the first choice now.

After the sudden cancellation of our previously planned family trip to Vietnam last September, I had an increased eager to go for another oversea trip soon. The next Chinese New Year is coming soon, and we would usually go for an oversea trip on that long break. It’s only early November now, but we have to make decision by this month already eventhough there is still a long three months away from that planned trip. If not, many groups from tour and travel companies would have been fully booked then.

But where to go then? It’s quite a big decision to make since we can only make the family trip oversea once a year (or the most twice a year which is very seldom). Last Sunday, my dad is suggesting Europe to me and my second sister. It was quite a surprising response from us once we heard that. Both me and my sister knew my father had financial difficulties and yet he is proposing a place so expensive and costly. This is quite unbelievable. But wait first, my dad hasn’t finished his words. He said the trip to Europe is possible if we bear half of the cost per pax. Oh…


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We have been to Italy during Chinese New Year break in 2011. It was an exciting and interesting trip, and that was my first time going to the Western side of the world. This time, we are looking to England (London particularly), France (Paris particularly), Germany or some other European cities included in any tour itineraries. Wow…it would be fantastic if I get to visit these beautiful countries all in one trip. The estimated cost per pax would be at least RM 10 000! And if I was to only pay half, I would still have to contribute RM 5000. That’s a lot for me. I just started working less than six months ago and my salary isn’t high either. And I’m planning to buy the latest iPhone 5 soon. Wow…I’m going to spend a lot soon if everything is materialized.

A trip to Europe with several countries included takes more than 8 days and what worries me the most would be the duration of flight from here (Kuala Lumpur) to Europe. I believed it’s going to take more than 12 hours in one continuous flight. That’s half a day in the plane! If this is the case, I rather have a stop in the middle at Dubai like in our previous trip to Italy for a bit of time away from the plane! Furthermore, everything spent over there on our own is so much more expensive as their currency rate is higher.

Well, everything is still in our mind without any action taken yet. But we have to decide fast. I’m definitely okay with the proposed destination; Europe, but with just a bit of feeling not willing to sacrifice a whopping RM 5000 for it. The total price is a bit too high and not worthy to me. RM 10 000 in less than 10 days. Those tour and travel companies would take the opportunity of long break during Chinese New Year to raise their trip’s prices as expected. One more thing I don’t like on following tour group is that we would have not much own free time to loiter around in a place that we like to stay longer. This is what I hate the most; bringing you to places you don’t want to go and yet make you stay there and waste your time, and then forcing you to leave quick at certain places where you haven’t even finish taking pictures or thoroughly enjoying the view yet. Ahh..but we (particularly my dad) were on tour group every time and this coming one would not be an exception eventhough we have not decided which tour and travel agency to pick. Anyway, decision will be finalized probably latest by end of this month.


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