My Astro on Demand Favourites Awards 2012 Nomination List

TVB had their own annual Anniversary Awards back in Hong Kong. For Malaysia, in several years ago, we have Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards running for around five to seven years before it is cancelled to make way for the up-to-date My Astro on Demand Favourites Awards not long after Astro on Demand is offered to Malaysian citizens showing the latest TVB dramas concurrently with audiences in Hong Kong. The Malaysia’s awards presentation which is slightly humble continue this year with more awards to be presented as two new categories are introduced; ‘My Favourite Promising Character Award’ and ‘My Favourite Classic Role’.

This awards which is usually held earlier than the much prestigious and popular TVB Anniversary Awards always serve as a hint of winners at the TVB awards as winners selected from My AOD Awards will be then awarded too for similar category in TVB Awards in past years. Well, now without wasting much time, let us have a look at the nomination list which I believed had already been released a week or two earlier without me noticing it. The awards presentation will be held at Sunway Convention Centre on 2nd December 2012.

This awards would be a disadvantage to ‘The Confidant’ as the series would not be finished airing at the time of the awards and that people usually cast their votes earlier and yet this series isn’t released yet currently. Well, it just gets into nomination but it’s certainly unfair to this heavyweight drama. One of my favourite dramas of the year, ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ receives the most nominations and I do hope it would certainly wins in some categories. It’s really a good drama but too bad, it is released early this year and many would have forgotten the impact from this meaningful medical-based drama. I think this awards would benefits dramas released earlier while TVB awards would usually goes for their promoting dramas usually released in end of the year.

Here’s below is the official nomination list for the My AOD Favourites Awards 2012. The one with a small star at the end is my top picks (5 usually) while the bolded ones are either my choice or to win.  If you are a Malaysian and an Astro subscriber, you can cast a vote on its website:

My Favorite TV Actor in a Leading Role

Bosco Wong (Witness Insecurity)
Michael Tse (Sergeant Tabloid)
Kevin Cheng (Gloves Come Off)*
Moses Chan (Master of Play)
Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)* – my choice.
Raymond Wong (Gloves Come Off)
Ruco Chan (No Good Either Way)
Raymond Lam (Highs And Lows)* – to win.
Michael Miu (Highs And Lows)
Damian Lau (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)*
Wayne Lai (The Confidant)*
Roger Kwok (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)

My Favorite TV Actress in a Leading Role 

Sharon Chan (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)
Fala Chen (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)
Michelle Yim (The Confidant)*
Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush)* – to win.
Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)* – my choice.
Maggie Siu (Master of Play)
Maggie Cheung (The Last Steep Ascent)
Gigi Wong (Divas In Distress)
Liza Wang (Divas In Distress)
Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice II)*
Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)
Charmaine Sheh (When Heaven Burns)*

My Favorite TV Drama Series 

The Hippocratic Crush*- my choice.
Gloves Come Off
Master of Play
Witness Insecurity*
Three Kingdoms RPG
Ghetto Justice II
King Maker*
The Last Steep Ascent
Highs and Lows* – to win.
Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles*
The Confidant
When Heaven Burns

My Favorite TV Actor in a Supporting Role 

Edwin Siu (Daddy Good Deeds)
Ram Chiang (Witness Insecurity)
Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush)*
Evergreen Mak (House of Harmony and Vengeance)
Lau Tan (Let It Be Love)
Pierre Ngo (King Maker)* – my choice.
Ben Wong (Highs and Lows)*
Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice II)*
Kenny Wong (Master of Play)
Koo Ming Wa (Divas In Distress)* – to win.

My Favorite TV Actress in a Supporting Role 

Elaine Yiu (Bottled Passion)*
Kristal Tin (King Maker)* – my choice.
Elena Kong (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
Mandy Wong (L’Escargot)*
Florence Kwok (No Good Either Way)
Angela Tong (House of Harmony and Vengeance)
Nancy Wu (Gloves Come Off)*
Rachel Kan (Master of Play)
Natalie Tong (King Maker)
Aimee Chan (The Last Steep Ascent)*

My Favorite TV On-Screen Couple 

Niki Chow & Raymond Wong (Bottled Passion)*
Nathan Ngai & Candy Chang (The Hippocratic Crush)
Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh (Let It Be Love)
Kevin Cheng & Selena Li (Gloves Come Off)
Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush)* – my choice and to win.
Ruco Chan & Kristal Tin (No Good Either Way)
Bosco Wong & Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)*
Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice II)*
Him Law & Mandy Wong (Divas In Distress)
Raymond Lam & Kate Tsui (Highs And Lows)*

My Favorite TV Most Improved Actor 

MC Jin (Highs and Lows)
Oscar Leung (L’Escargot)* – my choice.
Jason Chan (No Good Either Way)
Otto Chan (Gloves Come Off)
Glen Lee (Master of Play)

My Favorite TV Most Improved Actress 

Mandy Wong (L’Escargot)* – my choice.
Katy Kung (Gloves Come Off)
Eliza Sam (Divas In Distress)
Samantha Ko (The Last Steep Ascent)
Cilla Lok (Daddy Good Deeds)

My Favorite TV Theme Song 

Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong (When Heaven Burns)
Joey Yung (The Hippocratic Crush)* – my choice and to win.
Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)
Hubert Wu (The Last Steep Ascent)
Raymond Lam (Highs and Lows)* – serious dark horse.

Top 15 My Favorite TV Character 

Fala Chen (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)
Sharon Chan (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)
Michael Tse (Sergaent Tabloid)
Niki Chow (Bottled Passion)*
Charmaine Sheh (When Heaven Burns)*
Bowie Lam (When Heaven Burns)
Ron Ng (L’Escargot)
Maggie Siu (Master of Play)
Adam Cheng (Master of Play)
Ruco Chan (No Good Either Way)*
Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)*
Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush)*
Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush)
Roger Kwok (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)
Pierre Ngo (King Maker)
Kristal Tin (King Maker)*
Liza Wang (Divas In Distress)*
Raymond Wong (Gloves Come Off)
Selena Li (Gloves Come Off)
Kevin Cheng (Gloves Come Off)*
Moses Chan (Master of Play)*
Michael Miu (Highs and Lows)
Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows)*
Ella Koon (Highs and Lows)
Bosco Wong (Witness Insecurity)*
Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity)*
Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice II)*
Kent Cheng (King Maker)
Damian Lau (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
Michelle Yim (the Confidant)
Wayne Lai (The Confidant)*
Gigi Wong (Divas In Distress)
Maggie Cheung (The Last Steep Ascent)
Aimee Chan (The Last Steep Ascent)*
Ben Wong (Highs and Lows)

My Favorite TV Most Promising Artist 

Mandy Wong (L’Escargot)
Edwin Siu (Daddy Good Deeds)
Florence Kwok (No Good Either Way)
Koo Ming Wa (Divas In Distress)
Ram Chiang (Witness Insecurity)

MY AOD’s 5th Anniversary Special Award – My Favorite Classic Role 

Charmaine Sheh – Lau Sam Ho (Beyond the Realm of Conscience)
Michael Tse – Leung Siu Tong, Laughing (E.U) – my choice.
Kevin Cheng – Law Lik Ah (Ghetto Justice)
Wayne Lai – Chai Kau (Rosy Business) – my choice.
Sheren Tang – Cheng Kau Mui (No Regrets)


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